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A Most Wanted Man

2h 1m
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A Most Wanted Man Poster
A Chechen Muslim illegally immigrates to Hamburg and becomes a person of interest for a covert government team which tracks the movements of potential terrorists.
A Most Wanted Man Poster

A Most Wanted Man

2h 1m
A Chechen Muslim illegally immigrates to Hamburg and becomes a person of interest for a covert government team which tracks the movements of potential terrorists.
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Philip Seymour Hoffman
Günther Bachmann
Willem Dafoe
Tommy Brue
Robin Wright
Martha Sullivan
Rachel McAdams
Annabel Richter
Grigoriy Dobrygin
Issa Karpov
Homayoun Ershadi
Nina Hoss
Irna Frey
Daniel Brhl
Herbert Grnemeyer
Michael Axelrod
Mehdi Dehbi
Rainer Bock
Dieter Mohr
Kostja Ullmann
Martin Wuttke
The Admiral
Derya Alabora
Leyla Oktay
Tamer Yiit
Melik Oktay
Neil Malik Abdullah
Abdullah's Bodyguard
Vedat Erincin
Ren Lay
Sparring Partner
Georg Ebinal
Axelrod's Driver
Bernhard Schtz
Otto Keller
Imke Bchel
Frau Elli
Ursina Lardi
Mitzi Brue
Directed By: Anton Corbijn
Written By: John le Carré (Novel), Andrew Bovell (Screenplay)

Featured Comments/Tips

pygospa says...
7 years ago
"Good movie, althoug for a German movie I (as a German) found it somewhat disconnecting that actors I know speak English all the time and - making it worse - try to pronounce German names in a way that English people would pronounce it. Why the hell? Not that I have a problem with English movies (I try to watch all my movies in original language (with subtitles if neccessary) and 90% of these are English) as is. But a German movie in Germany played by German actors shown to a German public in English - that's mighty strange. As well as it was strange that Moslem people when with each other, spoke English, and not Arabic. Would have loved it, if they did what Tarantino did back with Inglorious Basterds; there would have still be plenty of room for English with all the contacts these people where suppose to have with American Contact persons. And then use subtitles whereever needed. I mean for a movie that depicts the conflict of interest of international collaboration in fighting terrorism a bit more international touch would have been great. Other than that, however, the movie was really great. I enjoyed it a lot, the actors played their roles well and it was great to see a movie that just depicted the field of problems without judging - it's hard to find someone to relate to, there is no good or bad - you feel like you're thrown into something where you can understand the reasoning and interests of the different people, but where you cannot say "Ok, that guy's the good one, and that's the bad". I really liked that about the movie."
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AdamMorgan says...
3 years ago
"Philip Seymour's last film. How depressing. Like almost all of his films this was well worth the time. Definitely a worthy sendoff. follow me at https://IHateBadMovies.com"
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Fake_Shemp says...
2 years ago
"In his final film, the late, great Philip Seymour Hoffman shows exactly why he was generally acclaimed as one of the finest living screen actors. With this beautifully plotted adaptation of the John le Carré novel of the same name, Anton Corbijn (a director I've liked since his music videos for Nirvana, Metallica and U2) shows he is more than just a music video director, building on the promise he showed with the brilliant Control (2007) and The American (2010) to make a film with increasing levels of suspense, making it a thoroughly engrossing experience. This isn't something you can put on while ironing or browsing the Internet, but a film which deserves your full attention and rewards your time and mental energy, drawing you into a web of espionage with a powerful dénouement."
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maphiagurl says...
2 years ago
"The loss of Phillip Seymour Hoffman was never more evident then in the viewing of this performance, such a mammoth legacy lost."
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Featured User Reviews

8/10   7 years ago
The espionage thriller that takes the intensity to the max, even following a slow pace. Not for a second let us take your eyes off the screen, not only because of the degree of intensity that passes to the audience and the gripping story but also through a sublime cinematography. With a very dark an More
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