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User Comments for: Arctic

ner0p says...
4 years ago
Mads Mikkelsen is one of the greatest actors I've seen in my life, and in this movie he is a natural; at some point it feels more like a documentary because of that, you stop seeing a movie actor and you just see a survivor clinging to his life and then sacrificing it for something more than the self. I understand that it's the nature of the movie, but to me it lacked a bit more substance: some background on the crash[spoiler], the deceased friend, hinted at by the pile of stones in the beginning,[/spoiler] would have been a nice touch; [spoiler]a bit more interaction with his rescuer, before she succumbed into the almost comatose state, would also have made things somewhat more interesting too[/spoiler]. Anyway, for me the movie as a whole isn't particularly great, but the acting is absolutely amazing, no doubt.
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