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Babylon 5: A Call to Arms

1h 34m
Action, Science Fiction, Adventure
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Babylon 5 A Call to Arms' Poster
Allies of the Shadows seek revenge against humanity. This movie sets up the series, "Crusade," the sequel to "Babylon 5."
Babylon 5 A Call to Arms Poster

Babylon 5: A Call to Arms

1h 34m
Action, Science Fiction, Adventure
Allies of the Shadows seek revenge against humanity. This movie sets up the series, "Crusade," the sequel to "Babylon 5."
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Bruce Boxleitner
John J. Sheridan
Jerry Doyle
Michael Garibaldi
Jeff Conaway
Zack Allen
Carrie Dobro
Dureena Nafeel
Peter Woodward
Technomage Galen
Tracy Scoggins
Elizabeth Lochley
Tony Todd
Leonard Anderson
Scott MacDonald
First Officer
Carlos Bernard
Burt Bulos
Marjean Holden
Earthforce Navigator
LaRita Shelby
Lynne Anderson
Valeria Ghiran
ISN Reporter
Tim OHare
First Mage
Tom Ramirez
Second Mage
Kayla Spell
Sarah Anderson
Directed By: Michael Vejar
Written By: J. Michael Straczynski (Screenplay)

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FinFan says...
10 months ago
_A Call to Arms_ is a good movie. It is as much a continuation of the B5 story as it is a prequel to _Crusade_. But the feeling is not there. I think it's the soundtrack. It's off, it doesn't fit. Which tells you a lot about how important Chris Franke has been. Additionally, the decision to solely rely on that weak soundtrack in very dramatic scenes, takes the air out of it at important parts. The rest is as good as it can be. Again, many of the main cast are missing but this was supposed to be Boxleitner's farewell and a passing of the torch. In retrospect we know how that played out. But he did a great job and it was good to see him in action again. And off all the B5 movies, this is the one to watch.
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