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Big Night

1h 47m
Drama, Romance
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Big Night' Poster
Primo and Secondo, two immigrant brothers, pin their hopes on a banquet honoring Louis Prima to save their struggling restaurant.
Big Night Poster

Big Night

1h 47m
Drama, Romance
Primo and Secondo, two immigrant brothers, pin their hopes on a banquet honoring Louis Prima to save their struggling restaurant.
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AdamMorgan says...
3 months ago
The film sets out to be a movie about family, tradition and food. Tucci and Shalhoub have a fantastic chemistry and their relationship is at the heart of the movie. I don't know if everything in the movie worked, but it was done well enough that I had a good time watching it. I thought that the fantastic final scene really brought together so much of what we had seen earlier in the movie. follow me at https://IHATEBadMovies.com or facebook IHATEBadMovies
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SkinnyFilmBuff says...
10 months ago
I didn't know this film was co-written and co-directed by Stanley Tucci until I got to the opening credits, which was a nice surprise, as I'm a big fan of the singular vision films that can come from triple threat writer/direct/actors. This film definitely is a good example, as it really succeeds in every area. The writing and performances are top notch. These are complex characters portrayed by actors who are up to the task. The dialogue has a naturalist feel, with every pause and subtlety helping to make these characters feel real. I will acknowledge that I have no idea what authentic Italian or Italian accents sound like, so that's an area where I can't be a good judge, but it didn't raise any issues for me. Regarding the story, I really enjoyed the small scope. Being able to wring so much drama out of what ultimately amounts to a dinner party is an impressive display of writing.
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UnsungGhost says...
2 years ago
It may be a co-writing and co-directorial debut for Stanley Tucci, but it is a last chance for his character. Facing bankruptcy and foreclosure, two Italian brothers have one shot to save their struggling restaurant. Shalhoub and Tucci have mediocre Italian accents which are often distracting. Tucci seems to occasionally slip out of it completely. I feel like it would have been better to just make the brothers second-generation Italian American so they wouldn't have to worry about accents. The rest of the movie is quite good. There's cooking sections that you can taste and a fun party atmosphere during the big night. There's plenty of Italian culture and tradition.
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VWFringe says...
one year ago
How can a small movie be so exquisite, so big on the immersion into a different culture, so full of happiness from that immersion and yet be so sad and depressing? I recommend it as completely worthwhile though! A classic! Pretty sure I caught this at the Camera One art house in San Jose (CA)...art movies, brings back memories!
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