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Blue Ruin

1h 31m
Crime, Thriller
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Blue Ruin' Poster
When the quiet life of a beach bum is upended by dreadful news, he sets off for his childhood home to carry out an act of vengeance. However, he proves an inept assassin and finds himself in a brutal fight to protect his estranged family.
Blue Ruin Poster

Blue Ruin

1h 31m
Crime, Thriller
When the quiet life of a beach bum is upended by dreadful news, he sets off for his childhood home to carry out an act of vengeance. However, he proves an inept assassin and finds himself in a brutal fight to protect his estranged family.
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Teddy Cleland
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Sandy Barnett
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George Fredericks
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Directed By: Jeremy Saulnier
Written By: Jeremy Saulnier

Featured Comments/Tips

Adecool says...
7 years ago
The plot started off strong, but quickly fell apart as the main character stumbled through location after location after location, wasting time, before finally coming to a boring conclusion that could've been handled a lot better. The film had an interesting premise, but was poorly written. The main character was lifeless and completely unlikable. His motives became completely skewed and pointless halfway through the movie, making the climax even more boring. Coming from the director of Green Room, it feels like Blue Ruin was simply a way to test out his fancy new cameras, before actually filming a REAL movie with them.
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Mitzle-deleted-1476635645 says...
7 years ago
Comment contains spoilers
As much as I liked how bloody it was and how ruthless it was overall and the premise of finding out the motivations of the events and whats happened before the beginning of the movie (Even though it's been done before), BUT (without spoilers) there is a very convenient event that happens in the movie that happened to save an important characters life that just seem contrived and non sensical. If this were not an indie movie, I would be criticising for the exact same thing, so why should I give it extra credit? It's enjoyable and I really liked the beginning, however it falls apart in the 2nd half.
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benoliver999 says...
8 years ago
A man seeks vengeance for the murder of his parents, but proves to be a poor assassin. I like what Saulnier has done here, it’s a no bullshit suspenseful thriller but he gives it his own spin by making the protagonist a shivering wreck, yet a wreck on the war path. This is no Jef Costello, Dwight (it’s even a shaky name) can’t fire a gun, go un-noticed or even keep someone in the boot of a car. However, he pursues his aim of killing a whole family to protect his own, as and a result winds up being both the predator and the prey. Blue Ruin is simply 90 minutes of well-shot, well-thought-out tension. It’s relentless; I actually breathed a sigh of relief when the credits rolled. A great thriller I wish I’d caught sooner. http://benoliver999.com/film/2016/01/24/blueruin/
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KingKon_NL says...
9 years ago
Apart from a few scenes, this movie was just boring. The ending wasn't anything special either.
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Featured User Reviews

8/10  9 years ago
I didn't know exactly what to expect from this film. I saw some good reviews around here and it awaked curiosity in me.

This is a film about revenge. We discover that very soon, right at the beginning of the film but in a way that we think we can predict everything that is going to happen next More
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5 years ago
I wasn't introduced to Jeremy Saulnier until _Green Room_, and though I do think that was most certainly a superior film, it's clear to me now as I work backwards through his filmography that the guy has always had a talent.

_Final rating:★★★ - I liked it. Would personally recommend you giv More
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