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Bright (2017)

Full Cast & Crew

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Person Type Job Role(s)

Adam Merims
Crew Production Unit Production Manager

Andrew Menzies
Crew Art Production Design

Crystal Dowd
Crew Visual Effects Visual Effects Supervisor

Cynthia La Jeunesse
Crew Art Set Decoration

David Ayer
Crew Directing Director, Producer

Eric Newman
Crew Production Producer

Kelli Jones
Crew Costume & Make-Up Costume Design

Mary Vernieu
Crew Production Casting

Max Landis
Crew Writing Writer

Michael Tinger
Crew Crew Post Production Supervisor

Robert Alonzo
Crew Crew Stunt Coordinator

Sala Baker
Crew Crew Stunts

Charles Ingram
Crew Crew Stunt Double

Kasra Farahani
Crew Art Art Direction

Roman Vasyanov
Crew Camera Director of Photography

Season Kent
Crew Sound Music Supervisor

Ted Sarandos
Crew Production Producer

Bradley Rubin
Crew Art Art Direction

David Sardy
Crew Sound Original Music Composer

Eilam Hoffman
Crew Sound Sound Designer

Gabe Hilfer
Crew Sound Music Supervisor

Lindsay Graham
Crew Production Casting

Bryan Unkeless
Crew Production Producer

Christopher Brown
Crew Art Art Direction

Doug Torres
Crew Directing First Assistant Director

Michaela McAllister
Crew Crew Stunt Double

Kevin Weaver
Crew Crew Executive Music Producer

Geoffrey O'Brien
Crew Editing Editor

Marcus Taormina
Crew Visual Effects Visual Effects Supervisor

Justin Lacalamita
Crew Visual Effects Visual Effects

Andrea Navedo
Cast Actress Captain Perez

Brad William Henke
Cast Actor Dorghu

Bunnie Rivera
Cast Actress Old Woman

Chelsea Rendon
Cast Actress Angie

Chris Browning
Cast Actor Serling

Cle Shaheed Sloan
Cast Actor OG Mike

Enrique Murciano
Cast Actor Poison

Ike Barinholtz
Cast Actor Pollard

Jay Hernandez
Cast Actor Rodriguez

Joe Rogan
Cast Actor Himself

Joel Edgerton
Cast Actor Nick Jakoby

Kenneth Choi
Cast Actor Yamahara

Margaret Cho
Cast Actress Sergeant Ching

Matt Gerald
Cast Actor Hicks

Noomi Rapace
Cast Actress Leilah

Tim Sitarz
Cast Actor Non-Stop

Will Smith
Cast Actor Daryl Ward

Alex Meraz
Cast Actor Serafin

Carlos Linares
Cast Old Man

Dawn Olivieri
Cast Actress Sherri Ward

Derek Graf
Cast Actor Smiley

Edgar Ramírez
Cast Actor Kandomere

Jamal Duff
Cast Actor Junior

Jos Viramontes
Cast Mayor Mike Contreras

Luis Moncada
Cast Actor Casper

Ngô Thanh Vân
Cast Actress Tien

Bobby Naderi
Cast Actor Arkashian

Craig Henningsen
Cast Actor Sharps

Happy Anderson
Cast Montehugh

Aileen Burdock
Cast Actress Orc Housewife

Brandon Larracuente
Cast Actor Mike (Dorghu's Son)

Aaron V. Williamson
Cast Orc "GQ"

Kevin Vance
Cast Actor MTF Agent Gordon

Lesley Shires
Cast Orc Woman #3

Lucy Fry
Cast Actress Tikka

Nadia Sloane
Cast Actress Larika

Briana Henry
Cast Orc Hottie at Party

Joseph Piccuirro
Cast Actor Brown

Gabriel Lopez
Cast Baseball Bat Gangster

Gabriel Ortega
Cast Actor Vice Hall Pimp

Roberto Garcia
Cast Criminal

Greg Joung Paik
Cast Actor Gas Station Clerk

Natalie Camunas
Cast Vice Hall Vendor

Laura Vallejo
Cast Ortiz

Scarlet Spencer
Cast Actress Sophia Ward

Roberts Jekabsons
Cast Actor Morton

Rosemary Stevens
Cast Actress Sherri's Mom / Orc Woman #4

Bailey Edwards
Cast MTF Elf Agent

John Duff
Cast Special D

René Mena
Cast Latino Father

Daryn D. Dupree
Cast NAT Serco Guard #1

Blue Mesquita
Cast NAT Serco Guard #2

Regan Talley
Cast Old Woman Orc

Ignacio Rodriguera
Cast Orc Band

Eugene Villanueva
Cast Orc Band

Adan Mendoza Jr.
Cast Orc Band

Hector Chavez
Cast Orc Band

Raul Cuellar
Cast Orc Band

Keenen Bray
Cast Hispanic Gangster

Diane Boose
Cast Dispatcher

Pleasant Wayne
Cast Actress Orc
Person Type Job Role(s)
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