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1h 34m
Comedy, Drama
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Buba' Poster
When a small-town con artist joins the local mafia with his manipulative brother, his obsession with balancing his karma gets hilariously brutal.
Buba Poster


1h 34m
Comedy, Drama
When a small-town con artist joins the local mafia with his manipulative brother, his obsession with balancing his karma gets hilariously brutal.
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Directed By: Arne Feldhusen

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snwcre says...
5 days ago
Comment containsspoilers
NOTE FOR MYSELF SO I REMEMBER SOMEDAY, ONLY REPRESENTS MY OPINION/THOUGHTS FOR MYSELF NOT A “REAL REVIEW“, SO YOU MIGHT NOT AGREE WITH IT (also its not my 1st language) [spoiler] better than expected, especially after seeing those bad reviews. But well its a German movie and popularity/being well know is.. difficult. xD its not as great as the show but its not trying to be, it stands well enough on its own. The trauma habit (him **actually** thinking he can't have nice feelings bc something bad will happen) Buba has and how normal and accepted it is from both Buba and Dante shocked me a little and made me sad. (even tho Im not mentally well either but the extend surprised me, like both acting like its completely normal and an actual real curse) The ending - which I liked, even though it confused me a little - explained it mostly. [/spoiler] [spoiler] Ik this is not a well spoken review but Im tired ok :'D [/spoiler]
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