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Calm with Horses Poster

Calm with Horses

1h 40m
Drama, Crime
In darkest rural Ireland, ex-boxer Douglas 'Arm' Armstrong has become the feared enforcer for the drug-dealing Devers family, whilst also trying to be a good father to his autistic five-year-old son, Jack. Torn between these two families, Arm's loyalties are truly tested when he is asked to kill for the first time.
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Liam Carney
Rory Quinn
Peter Newington
Pool Hall Lad
Brid Brennan
Maire Mirkin
Lee Byford
Limerick Thug (uncredited)
PeggyAnne Knight
Christina Devers (uncredited)
Christopher Livingstone
Night Clubber (uncredited)
Stephen McDade
Limerick Thug (uncredited)
Stephen McGowan
Limerick Thug (uncredited)
John Paul ODriscoll
Clubber (uncredited)
Directed By: Nick Rowland
Written By: Joseph Murtagh

Featured Comments/Tips

faithful soul says...
3 years ago
A grim, sometimes difficult to watch film.
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Xiofire says...
2 years ago
A bleak, grimey experience from start to finish. Calm with Horses is a dark, sad tale about the families we choose, the families we don't, and the loyalty we may feel to each. Cosmo is fantastic as Arm, the retired boxer who finds himself wrapped up with the Devars criminal family business, while desperately trying to carve a life with his girlfriend and young son. A feeling of unease and dread soaks this movie, with only a few spatters of dark humour throughout to keep the film from feeling too suffocating. Pretty solid stuff.
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miguelreina says...
2 years ago
The film starts with a close-up of main character's fist, which defines him as a person. "I'm told I was a violent child". Loyalty becomes the prison of a criminality that suffocates. A story told calmly, but with a constant sense of danger, even in the scenes between Arm and his son, who have a semblance of tranquility in his life. There are echoes of Nicolas Winding Refn or Michaël R. Roskam, but in a positive way.
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Redouaaane says...
3 years ago
It's based on a short story so it makes sense that the ending leaves some things unresolved, but the ending is not this movie's only problem. It's unclear what is the message that the movie was trying to convey, it was beautifully shot and well acted, but you don't know what you're supposed to take away from it. It's like someone halfway through making a B movie with gangs and action decided that they also wanted it to be poignant to they added those bits that makes the characters sad (poverty, illness, small town anguish... etc). It wasn't a total waste of time but it could have been better.
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Featured User Reviews

3 years ago
'Calm with Horses' is definitely engrossing and heavy shit. There's some savage inner violence going on within the main character; the barbarity on the screen can't match the turmoil that's going on in his head. It's a strikingly accomplished portrait of a broken soul hauling himself back up from ro More
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