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Care Bears Movie II A New Generation Poster

Care Bears Movie II: A New Generation

1h 16m
Animation, Adventure, Family
This animated adventure goes back in time to the Care Bears' first-ever Caring Mission, when True Heart Bear and Noble Heart Horse touch down on Earth to boost the spirits of some unhappy kids at summer camp. But the evil Dark Heart has other plans, and convinces one of the campers to help him capture the Care Bears. Will our lovable heroes' Care Stare be enough to vanquish the villain -- and convince his apprentice that good's the way to go?
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AppleTV $3.99SD
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Amazon $3.59SD
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AppleTV $12.99HD
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Hadley Kay
Dark Heart / The Boy (voice)
Chris Wiggins
Great Wishing Star (voice)
Cree Summer
Christy (voice)
Alyson Court
Dawn (voice)
Michael Fantini
John (voice)
Sunny Besen Thrasher
Camp Champ (voice)
Maxine Miller
True Heart Bear (voice)
Pam Hyatt
Noble Heart Horse (voice)
Dan Hennessey
Brave Heart Lion (voice)
Billie Mae Richards
Tender Heart Bear (voice)
Eva Almos
Friend Bear (voice)
Bob Dermer
Grumpy Bear (voice)
Patricia Black
Share Bear / Funshine Bear (voice)
Nonnie Griffin
Harmony Bear (voice)
Jim Henshaw
Bright Heart Raccoon (voice)
Melleny Melody
Cheer Bear (voice)
JanetLaine Green
Wish Bear (voice)
Marla Lukofsky
Playful Heart Monkey (voice)
Gloria Figura
Bedtime Bear (voice)
Timothy E Day
Children (voice)
Will Ryan
Stars and Hearts (voice)
Directed By: Dale Schott
Written By: Peter Sauder

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