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Cero y van cuatro Poster

Cero y van cuatro

1h 32m
Comedy, Drama
Four stories... one city. A dark comedy about crime in the big city: EL TORZON - two friends are smoking grass in their car, when they're caught by a corrupt Judicial Police Officer; VIDA EXPRESS - a wealthy businesswoman is kidnapped and her deadbeat husband has to come up with the money; BARBACOA DE CHIVO - an angry mob mistakes a college professor with a burglar and decide to lynch him in front of the church; COMIDA PARA PERROS - a bumbling thief tries to rob a restaurant
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Guillermo Ivn
Alvaro ("El Torzón")
Juan Pablo Medina
Alfonso ("El Torzón")
Ren Campero
Amado Navarrete ("El Torzón")
Jos Manuel Poncelis
Taxista ("El Torzón")
Silverio Palacios
Jobo ("Barbacoa de Chivo")
Mary Paz Mata
Beata 2 ("Barbacoa de Chivo")
Patricia Muoz
Grace ("Vida Express)
Written By: Antonio Armonia

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