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Chip n Dale Rescue Rangers Poster

Chip 'n Dale: Rescue Rangers

1h 39m
Animation, Family, Comedy, Adventure, Mystery
Decades since their successful television series was canceled, Chip has succumbed to a life of suburban domesticity as an insurance salesman. Dale, meanwhile, has had CGI surgery and works the nostalgia convention circuit, desperate to relive his glory days. When a former cast mate mysteriously disappears, Chip and Dale must repair their broken friendship and take on their Rescue Rangers detective personas once again to save their friend’s life.
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Andy Samberg
Dale (voice)
John Mulaney
Chip (voice)
KiKi Layne
Ellie Steckler
Will Arnett
Sweet Pete (voice)
Eric Bana
Monterey Jack (voice)
Flula Borg
DJ Herzogenaurach (voice)
Dennis Haysbert
Zipper (voice)
KeeganMichael Key
Frog Co-Worker / Bjornson the Chees...
Tress MacNeille
High-Pitched Chip / Gadget Hackwren...
Tim Robinson
Ugly Sonic (voice)
Seth Rogen
Bob the Warrior Viking / Pumbaa / M...
JK Simmons
Captain Putty (voice)
DaVone McDonald
Jimmy the Polar Bear (voice)
Akiva Schaffer
Various Characters (voice)
Rachel Bloom
Various Characters (voice)
Juliet Donenfeld
Kid Dale (voice)
Liz Cackowski
Cow Teacher / Tigra / Officer O'Har...
Mason Blomberg
Kid Chip (voice)
Corey Burton
High-Pitched Dale / High-Pitched Zi...
Jim Cummings
Various Characters (voice)
Chris Parnell
Dave Bollinari (voice)
Jeff Bennett
Lumiere (voice)
June Schaffer
Bumper Car Kid / More Please Mouse ...
Jorma Taccone
Fan Con Announcer / Batman / Toon C...
Directed By: Akiva Schaffer
Written By: Doug Mand, Dan Gregor

Featured Comments/Tips

MashedJoetato says...
5 months ago
A great film for all the generations. So many nods, throwbacks and references for every generation of film. From old Rescue Rangers (like myself) and new ones alike. I had genuine laughs from modern day references as well as some great fun spotting older things The plot may be a bit overused but the film knows this and doesn't take itself so seriously, which really adds to the quality This film was great fun. My inner child and outer adult loved it. Long live the Rescue Rangers!
Like  -  Dislike  -  Comment  -  1200
LarZieJ says...
5 months ago
"Ay Pechanga" What a blast! I was looking forward to this when I first saw the trailer and damn I'm a sucker for cameos and easter eggs. So many references, so many fun stuff. "Aunt-man"? Bootleg-Simpsons? Ugly SONIC! Dale a "Chip 'n Dale?" Roger Rabbit!! Most of Seth Rogen's animated characters?!!? Paula Abdul and MC Skat Kat! Alvin and the Chipmunks are even here! Scrooge! And even all the Disney Afternoon stars! Anyway yeah, it was a blast. It might not satisfy everyone but I enjoyed it a lot. Enjoyed the plot, the call backs and the voice cast is good! But I agreed with Darkwing Duck at the end. When is he getting his due? We've had a Ducktales cartoon reboot and now Chip 'n Dale? Hopefully he's next in line. (I wouldn't mind something with Talespin too.) I know Darkwing made a little return in the Ducktales cartoon but I would love a Darkwing movie. Sometimes some crimes Go slipping through the cracks But these two gumshoes Are picking up the slack
Like  -  Dislike  -  Comment  -  700
ErenJaegeraot35 says...
4 months ago
When the most hated sonic design becomes his own character and becomes the best part of a movie that isn't even his.
Like  -  Dislike  -  Comment  -  501
justenbennett says...
4 months ago
The easter eggs, references, and visual jokes were the best part. Unfortunately, it was a total sausage fest. Even the secondary characters. Like almost zero women. One you noticed it, it’s all you saw. And they sidelined Gadget to maybe four minutes in the entire movie when she was the best Rescue Ranger of them all. Also, that was a slammer, not a pog.
Like  -  Dislike  -  Comment  -  401

Featured User Reviews

[robbie grawey]
2 weeks ago
The script feels like it needed a bit longer in the oven, riddled with half-developed ideas. Neat premises, sloppy execution. Never quite nails down its dramatic tension as well as I wished. Nevertheless, very ambitious with its scale in variation in animation, and most of it works well! J.K. Simmon More
Like  -  Dislike  -  Comment  -  000
Chris Sawin
4 months ago
_Rescue Rangers_ throws all of these ideas and characters at a wall to see what sticks and before they can process what works and what doesn’t they’re already throwing another pile at the wall; it’s too much to digest and too much of a good thing all at once. _Chip ‘n Dale: Rescue Rangers_ i More
Like  -  Dislike  -  Comment  -  000
4 months ago
A rare squalor turned out, of course. The characters are like pictures of a bad artist, flat and empty. Facial expressions and forms are alien. There is no aesthetic admiration for this attempt at expression in 3d. No grace and beauty. There is no depth and love, an adequate plot. Inappropriate flat More
Like  -  Dislike  -  Comment  -  000
4 months ago
When Chip 'N Dale was first conceptualized, the writers needed to make a decision: would this movie be primarily made for those who had watched Rescue Rangers as children, or would it attempt to reboot the duo for a new generation? Sadly, it would seem the writers chose to do both. Chip 'N Dale is a More
Like  -  Dislike  -  Comment  -  000

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