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User Reviews for: David Attenborough: A Life on Our Planet

10/10  2 years ago
This was beautifully done and for the first time I've left one of these documentaries feeling hopeful. It's not preachy and it places the weight of the solution on the true culprits - the big companies, the billionaires hoarding the world's resources for themselves and the world's leaders. Attenborough makes it clear that one of the most sustainable solutions to global warming is the successful redistribution of wealth, guaranteeing health, education and safety to all. Often times, documentaries on Planet Earth and the global warming annoy me because they seem to place the blame on people who barely have any control over their own lives, much else something as large scale as the Earth's climate. It's time we realise that as long as poverty and class inequality exist and the working class, which amounts for most of the world's population, is systemically underpaid and explored, no one will give a crap about becoming vegan or driving a bicycle. However, people who have more money than they, and their descendants, could spend in a lifetime, need to be truly pressured and social justice needs to be restored before we can even begin to dream of a future as bright as the one Attenborough optismitcally and refreshingly offers here.
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/10  11 months ago
The thing that makes this documentary so inspiring is that it is not a lecture. Sir David Attenborough demonstrates through his wealth of experience over the years, the chronology of the decline of the natural world without preaching to us. The beautiful imagery accumulated over 50 years of natural history film-making coupled with a considered, poignant and practical analysis of where we were/are and want to be offers stark warnings, certainly, but also scope for hope and optimism too if only we can get a grip. His manner is affable and authoritative, he is the teacher every one of would have loved to have had - and perhaps, had we, things wouldn't look quite so ominous! The photography - particularly the archive - is gorgeous to look at and underscores perfectly the points he is making, and the global perspective he takes gives this a currency far and away more valuable and penetrating than any politically driven assessment. It's a wonderful film that everyone ought to see. It also serves as a fitting testament to the visionary people at the BBC (often together with WGBH) who created these documentaries over many, many years - providing an essential spine for this narrative, but also so much of my own understanding of how the planet works. It is a shame that the BBC is now heading for a similar extinction level event; with - sadly - very few ready to take up the cudgels on it's behalf.
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