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Die in a Gunfight Poster

Die in a Gunfight

1h 32m
Action, Drama, Romance, Comedy, Crime
Mary and Ben are the star-crossed black sheep of two powerful families engaged in a centuries-long feud. When the pair reignite a romance after many years apart, their forbidden love draws a motley assortment of schemers and killers into their orbit, and as fists and bullets fly, it becomes clear that violent delights will have violent ends.
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Justin Chatwin
Terrence Uberahl
Nicola Correia Damude
Nancy Gibbon
John Ralston
William Rathcart
Michelle Nolden
Beatrice Rathcart
Stuart Hughes
Henry Gibbon
John Tench
Neven Pajkic
Rene Willett
RNG Anchor
Okiki Kendall
Peter Schoelier
Homeless Man
Lily Gao
Phoebe Miu
Leo Choy
Security Guard (Cop)
Directed By: Collin Schiffli
Written By: Andrew Barrer (Screenplay), Gabriel Ferrari (Screenplay)

Featured Comments/Tips

tpasi says...
5 months ago
"Some movies should just be illegal. This is a crime against humanity. Do not watch!!!"
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dungrapid5 says...
5 months ago
"oh my fu ki ng god....So bo ri ng. Could not even finish it. The two beautiful white pears were not on display. So disappointed."
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Featured User Reviews

4 months ago
A movie that could've been balls-to-wall insane that instead was pretty blasé. It's another Romeo and Juliet type story but here really had no connection with either lead though Alexandra Daddario was nice to look at. Justin Chatwin as a company fixer (and killer) was hard to take serious (kind of More
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CONTAINS SPOILERS 5/10   3 months ago
The movie starts with an horrible narration that sticks through the whole movie, and the problem is not the narration in it self, it is the voice. There are plenty of good narrations like God's voice in Good Omens, that is top notch. The voice of this narrator sounds like an annoying friend tryi More
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