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Dimensions Poster


1h 39m
Drama, Science Fiction
Stephen is a brilliant young boy who lives in England, in what appears to be the 1920s—but nothing in Stephen’s life is quite as it seems. His world is turned upside down upon meeting a charismatic and inspirational professor at a garden party, who demonstrates to Stephen and his friends what life would be like if they themselves were merely one, or two, dimensional beings. He then proceeds to explain that by manipulating other dimensions, time travel may actually be possible. As Stephen’s life unfolds, events lead him to dedicate himself to turning the Professor’s theories of time travel into reality. Jealousy, love, obsession, temptation and greed surround him, influencing his fragile mind and the direction of his work.
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Directed By: Sloane U'Ren
Written By: Antony Neely (Screenplay)

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alexnader says...
4 years ago
That was just so painfully bad. I almost fell asleep halfway through, and have never given up on a movie, but you could tell this was going to be bad barely 10 minutes in, and it just does not get any better. Vapid, froofy, Victorian-era sisterly love story that has 1 minute of time travel story at the very end ... and that's it. The rest is just a tragic sob story. If you're into that, then watch away. If you're in it for the sci-fi, then tsay clear of this mess. I wish I could go back in time and tell myself to skip this flick.
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