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Ditched Poster


1h 26m
Horror, Thriller
After a routine prison transfer crashes in the forest, young Inuit paramedic Melina finds herself surrounded by murderers with a mere 100 feet to climb out of a ditch to escape. When they are attacked by an unseen force in the forest, Melina's short journey to safety becomes the ultimate contest of wills.
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Directed By: Christopher Donaldson

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greg4168 says...
2 years ago
Badly done in so many ways. Cringeworthy in the worst way. Couldn’t believe these characters said and did such ridiculous things. How did the filmmakers think this was good?
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MCubed1220 says...
2 years ago
Certainly was a gory film!
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GreenRat says...
one year ago
If you're expecting this film to be actually scary -- save your time, it's not, it is creepy-ish in the first third of it and just gory for the rest of the time. But nevertheless, I actually enjoyed it, loved the use of the coloured lights and the music was lovely. Kris Loranger as Franson was very entertaining to watch, he made me chuckle. Just a light, fun film!
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Featured User Reviews

CONTAINS SPOILERS4/10  one year ago
So the actor playing Franson (the extra creepy murderer) was fantastic! He was great and his character had some of the best lines. Overall the plot wasn't thought out very well and the movie is visually very dark and irritating with the flashing lights. The gore was well done and I could actually cl More
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