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User Comments for: Don't Breathe 2

Cb Uppercut says...
9 months ago
Another horror sequel that doesn’t need to exist. The original had a fantastic premise so the fact that there weren’t rly any likable characters was easier to ignore. The first one had a plot u could describe to someone and convince them to watch whereas this one felt very generic and like something I’ve seen before. This movie starts strong and try’s to connect us to Stephen Lang’s character but as the movie progresses u care less and less and ultimately just wait for the movie to end because u could care less about a single character in the movie. And that’s where this movie hits its biggest flaw it doesn’t matter who dies or how if the only reason u don’t want them to die is because there there a lil bit less of a douchebag than the next character. A movie can’t connect to the audience if the audience can’t connect with the characters. That being said I was never scared or on the edge of my seat like the first mostly because I didn’t care about anyone.
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