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User Reviews for: Don't Breathe 2

1/10  8 months ago
If the old guy could see he'd be a super human. But he can't, so he's a super super human that has no trouble wandering around in places he's never been before without bumping into stuff. He knows where stuff is (glue, knifes etc) and that people aren't looking at him while he sneaks up and kills them.

This is one of these movies that you wonder why they made it - other than the money, because they forgot a plot and logic, they just made it up as they went along.

The movie opens with someone (not clear who) obviously staggering out of a burning house and collapsing in the middle of the road. We assume it's the old guy, as we jump 8 years - but how in the hell does he get hold of an 8-10 year old girl? She's the pivot point of the whole movie, but we just have to accept he's been taking care of her all these years, since she's known no one but him her whole life. Hmmm. That sounds completely logical.

I'm not even going to get into the bad guys... that's whole scenario is just mind-numbingly stupid... as is the entire movie. Skip it, you'll thank me.

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Reply by maniyac
8 months ago
Seems like you weren’t paying close attention through the movie, the person at the start was the girl. The blind man took her because he wanted a daughter to replace the one he lost from the first film (it all makes sense in the context of the film). <br /> <br /> The “bad guys” had motive because they wanted to use the girl to save their drug cook so they could keep making drug money.
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Reply by Maghook
7 months ago
@speeddemon Were you on your phone the whole movie or something? They directly explain this multiple times. Jeez. Talk about having the memory of a goldfish...
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