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1h 44m
Thriller, Fantasy
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Dragonfly' Poster
A grieving doctor is being contacted by his late wife through his patient's near death experiences.
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1h 44m
Thriller, Fantasy
A grieving doctor is being contacted by his late wife through his patient's near death experiences.
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Kevin Costner
Joe Darrow
Joe Morton
Hugh Campbell
Ron Rifkin
Charlie Dickinson
Susanna Thompson
Emily Darrow
Kathy Bates
Mrs. Belmont
Robert Bailey Jr
Jeffrey Reardon
Leslie Hope
Charisse Darrow
Kim Staunton
Intake Nurse
Liza Weil
Suicide Girl
Nigel Gibbs
Casey Biggs
Neil Darrow
Heidi Swedberg
Surgical Nurse
Jamie Sue Sherrill
Surgical Nurse
Peter Hansen
Phillip Darrow
Linda Hunt
Sister Madeline
David Doty
Hospital Chaplain

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Narate says...
one year ago
>"Death is like being pregnant; You're either are or you're not." Kevin Costner, I love ya, but I was not feeling it in this one. The ending was good but the movie for the most part just bored me. Bumping it up because they actually filmed in South America (Venezuela).
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tiny_thanos says...
12 months ago
When this movie came first came out (20 years ago), I avoided seeing it despite consuming just about every single supernatural movie ever crapped onto the screen. While Dragonfly was marketed as a horror-ish movie, there was something about the trailers that gave off a soft-rock, almost Hallmark movie vibe that threatened a boring time. Well, since the world is rapidly coming to an end I figured I should finally give this one a fair shake. What if I were missing out on something interesting? Maybe it’s not my thing, but there are plenty of movies that I don’t like but can learn from. No, my instincts were spot-on. It was sappy, paternalistic, melodramatic, and bland, like a poorly lit black and white photo of a wedding ring next to a gravestone. The music is perhaps the worst part of it all as the sweeping orchestra is so out of place for a supernatural drama. Now I’m left with a strange feeling in my mind as though the movie is just so _wrong_ that the memory of it can’t sit comfortably within my brain.
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