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Four best friends negotiate loss and major life changes during the last two weeks of high school.
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1h 30m
Four best friends negotiate loss and major life changes during the last two weeks of high school.
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Lucy Hale
Lily Weil
Kathryn Prescott
Chloe Daniels
Alexandra Shipp
Amelia Bergbaum-Goldstein
Rebecca Voller
Austin Abrams
James Weil
Austin Butler
Thomas Daniels
Brooke Smith
Lorraine Daniels
Satya Bhabha
Immanuel Bemis
Sydney Lucas
Olivia Weil
Colton Dunn
Officer Higgins
Matt Corboy
Officer Clark
Directed By: Olivia Milch
Written By: Olivia Milch, Kendall McKinnon (Story)

Featured Comments/Tips

thici86 says...
5 years ago
That was just.. Awful. The biggest problem of this movie is that it has no history, or a complete arc.. So, No real purpose. Just a bunch of best friends living their lifes, but they seem lost 100% of the time.. A real mess. Lucy Hale and Kathryn Prescott are good, but this movie is horrible.
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tessphillips2 says...
5 years ago
this movie implies rape is ok: brushes over it and doesn't say the word once. shocked that people are calling this a feminist movie
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faithful soul says...
5 years ago
The equivalent of white noise. It was on in the background but it had little interest to me. Teenage girl problems...yecch!
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pedro-deleted-1553083453 says...
5 years ago
besides being yet another bad Netflix movie... one thing comes to mind : isn't there any teens to cast for this movies? they need to cast people that already look close to their 30´s? ....
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Featured User Reviews

CONTAINS SPOILERS7/10  5 years ago
[spoiler]This movie really has bad ratings. Though understandable by being another sad story about how life is hard for teens from middle class to high-middle class (i don't know if this is a thing), this makes the plot feels shallow, and worse yet, they could avoided (and probably made a better More
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5 years ago
"_Skins_" this is not.

_Final rating:★★ - Had some things that appeal to me, but a poor finished product._
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