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User Reviews for: Emancipation

7/10  2 months ago
“Emancipation” a film fraught with dichotomous aspects, capable of evoking an ambivalent reaction. On the one hand, its cinematographic composition is nothing short of magnificent, with the renowned cinematographer Robert Richardson once again delivering a feast for the ocular senses. While the aesthetic may not be universally beloved, those who appreciate its magnificence will find themselves in sensory rapture.

However, the film’s shortcomings are equally conspicuous. Its script is uninspired, its pace unsteady, and its overall coherence is hampered by an attempt to encompass multiple themes and genres, ultimately resulting in a fragmented presentation that fails to fully realize any of its objectives. Despite these flaws, I find the degree of criticism the film has received to be unjust.

The film’s most formidable obstacle was its director, Antoine Fuqua, whose style leaned towards action and survival genre tropes, detracting from the film’s intended exploration of slavery and its complexities. Had the film maintained a consistent tonal focus, it might have realized greater success. However, by vacillating between genres, it ultimately presents an underwhelming experience.

There’s no denying that it’s hard to take Will Smith seriously these days. Still, he executes a commendable performance, imbuing his character with dignity and gravitas, despite the limitations posed by the script.

In conclusion, for those who have not grown weary of slavery-themed films and who relish spectacular cinematography, “Emancipation” presents itself as a worthwhile watch despite the negative critical consensus that has formed around it. Though it may not be without its faults, the film leaves an impression and deserves consideration by those willing to view it through a discerning lens.
**Emancipation (2022): _6.9/10_** *(Good, It Gets the Job Done, Slightly Flawed)*
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/10  4 months ago
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"Emancipation struggles tremendously to justify its existence. The overly performative, superficial screenplay fails to elevate and distinguish the unique, true story of "Whipped Peter" from all the other generic movies that treat slavery as a mere plot point to "yet another" action/survival flick - surely there's a better way to adapt these stories?!

Cinematography (Robert Richardson), cast - mainly Will Smith - and some of Antoine Fuqua's direction do a lot of the heavy lifting, but it starts to get tiring and painful to continue to watch shameful, traumatic events of our history being used repeatedly for pure Hollywood entertainment."

Rating: C-
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