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Exit Through the Gift Shop Poster

Exit Through the Gift Shop

1h 27m
Banksy is a graffiti artist with a global reputation whose work can be seen on walls from post-hurricane New Orleans to the separation barrier on the Palestinian West Bank. Fiercely guarding his anonymity to avoid prosecution, Banksy has so far resisted all attempts to be captured on film. Exit Through the Gift Shop tells the incredible true story of how an eccentric French shop keeper turned documentary maker attempted to locate and befriend Banksy, only to have the artist turn the camera back on its owner.
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Directed By: Banksy
Written By: Banksy (Screenplay)

Featured Comments/Tips

Demeter says...
7 years ago
Maybe Bansky *is* a sell out and this guy is an actor hired by him - so now we think this guy is not "an artist" and he's a sell out and Bansky gets to get away with his "selling out".
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mortstar says...
12 years ago
IMHO, MBW is a creation of Banksy to poke fun at the 'Art Establishment'. I really enjoyed this whether it is 'fake' or not. Some of the art is extraordinary.
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Bluemoonio says...
12 years ago
Banksy is my mum
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justin says...
12 years ago
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Featured User Reviews

7/10  3 years ago
Banksy and friends must have mined for ages to extract the glistening artifacts that form the backbone of this documentary. Tracing the roots of street art through the constant eye of amateur filmographer Thierry Guetta, it's a legit, vivid encapsulation of the thoughts that formed a global move More
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