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Farewell My Concubine Poster

Farewell My Concubine

2h 51m
Abandoned by his prostitute mother in 1920, Douzi was raised by a theater troupe. There he meets Shitou and over the following years the two develop an act entitled "Farewell My Concubine" that brings them fame and fortune. When Shitou marries Juxian, Douzi becomes jealous, the beginnings of the acting duo's explosive breakup and tragic fall take root.
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Leslie Cheung
Xiao Douzi
Zhang Feng Yi
Duan Xiaolou
Gong Li
Jiang Wenli
Yan Hong
Ge You
Master Yuan Si Qing
Lu Qi
Master Guan
Ying Da
Yi Di
Eunuch Zhang
Zhi Yitong
Aoki Saburo
Fei Zhenxiang
Young Xiao Shitou
Li Chun
Teenage Xiao Si
Lei Han
Adult Xiao Si
Ma MingWei
Young Dau Ji
Zhao HaiLong
Teenage Xiao Shitou
Yin Zhi
Teenage Dau Ji
Li Dan
Teenage Laizi
Yang YongChao
Young Laizi
Yang Lixin
Xiao Douzi (voice)
David Wu
Red Guard
Written By: Lilian Lee (Novel), Lu Wei (Screenplay)

Featured Comments/Tips

Maarten Delfgou says...
one year ago
The original title of the film is Ba Wang Bie Ji.
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onelingjun says...
3 years ago
After watching I realize that China can shoot this level of film.
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Featured User Reviews

Filipe Manuel Dias Neto
3 months ago
**An excellent film.**

I was really curious to see this movie, because as far as I can remember it was the first Chinese movie I saw. Before I saw it, I read a little about it, and I was quite impressed to see how the film did well in the West, and managed to infuriate Chinese Communist censors. More
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