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Fortune Favors Lady Nikuko Poster

Fortune Favors Lady Nikuko

Not Rated
1h 37m
Animation, Drama, Family, Comedy
Nikuko is a brash, jolly, scattered, and passionate woman in an otherwise sleepy seaside town in northern Japan. She’s also the single mother of 11-year-old Kikuko, who is her opposite in many ways. Kikuko is a string-bean of a young girl, pensive, quietly curious, and methodical in how she approaches life in this small harbor town. Nikuko embarrasses Kikuko as any mom of a preteen would, but Nikuko’s bold spirit makes her especially well-known in a town where Kikuko herself wants nothing more than to simply blend in. As Kikuko navigates the everyday social dramas of middle school, enhanced with touches of magical realism from her ever-present imagination, a shocking revelation from the past threatens to uproot the pair’s tender relationship.
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Shinobu Otake
Nikuko-chan (voice)
Kikuko (voice)
Natsuki Hanae
Ninomiya (voice)
Ikuji Nakamura
Sassan (voice)
Izumi Ishii
Maria (voice)
Atsushi Yamanishi
Zenji (voice)
Yuichi Yasoda
Old man at the aquarium / Other cha...
Matsuko Deluxe
Darcia (voice)
Riho Yoshioka
Miu (voice)
Hiro Shimono
Lizard / Gecko (voice)
Koko Ueno
Directed By: Ayumu Watanabe
Written By: Satomi Oshima (Screenplay), Kanako Nishi (Novel)

Featured Comments/Tips

Saint Pauly says...
2 years ago
Like comics you read in the supermarket aisle because they're cute but not worth spending money on. A typical Japanese animated feature probably based on a comic series because the story is so all over the place. Nothing really stands out as especially noteworthy and I've already forgotten what we were talking about.
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Obione_TdG says...
2 years ago
Even pleasant as an anime film, but its plot and themes covered are a bit abused, not too original, and overall forgettable.
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Featured User Reviews

Chris Sawin
3 years ago
_Fortune Favors Lady Nikuko_ is so simple on the surface, but is also complex and meaningful as an animated film. The ending of the film juggles tearing at your heartstrings and having everything come full circle. It feels like Kikurin is ashamed of embracing the fact that she’s becoming a woman w More
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