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1h 53m
History, Drama, Romance
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In the aftermath of WWI, a young German who grieves the death of her fiancé in France meets a mysterious French man who visits the fiance’s grave to lay flowers.
Frantz Poster


1h 53m
History, Drama, Romance
In the aftermath of WWI, a young German who grieves the death of her fiancé in France meets a mysterious French man who visits the fiance’s grave to lay flowers.
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Pierre Niney
Adrien Rivoire
Ernst Sttzner
Doctor Hans Hoffmeister
Marie Gruber
Magda Hoffmeister
Anton von Lucke
Frantz Hoffmeister
Cyrielle Clair
Adrien's Mother
Axel Wandtke
Hotel Receptionist
Rainer Egger
German Cemetery Caretaker
Johannes Silberschneider
Shopkeeper selling the dress
Merlin Rose
Young Drunk
Lutz Blochberger
Man by Lake
Jeanne Ferron
Aunt Rivoire
Nicolas Bonnefoy
Customs Officer
tienne Mnard
Taxi Driver
Claire Martin
Hotel Manager
JeanPaul Dubois
Opera Cashier
Armand Faussat
Old Man at the Castle
Directed By: François Ozon
Written By: François Ozon (Screenplay), Philippe Piazzo

Featured Comments/Tips

dav9000 says...
7 years ago
Some people are destined to be unfortunate forever. Brilliant film.
Like  -  Dislike  -  Comment  -  200
prizepatrol-deleted-1639095612 says...
3 years ago
A striking anti-war film, with love, loss, redemption, and forgiveness. It may be the best film I’ve seen all year. Highly recommended.
Like  -  Dislike  -  Comment  -  100
ArielRodriguez says...
4 years ago
I found it intriguing. The plot is great enough: the grief and sorrow and guilt portrayed in a beautifully photographed film. The use of colors is amazing. The performances are really good, the characters well delineated. Some find the idea of falling in love with a person like that but I think it is as plausible as that, taking into account that all emotions were right there on the surface. I liked it and really kept me thinking.
Like  -  Dislike  -  Comment  -  100
bittenwool-deleted-1611672511 says...
4 years ago
Really disappointed at the unmade promise that a gay love story was playing in the background when it wasn't. Really disappointed - and to be honest, that was the (one) thing that kept the narrative interesting for quite some time. Anna is so freaking boring, so empty, so shallow... François Ozon missed a really nice opportunity. 3/5 for technical aspects, only.
Like  -  Dislike  -  Comment  -  000

Featured User Reviews

6 years ago
**What is the most painful, the war or the lies?**

This is pleasantly a surprise film. I would say it is this year's the Oscar winning film 'Ida'. Frankly, there's nothing to compare between two. Not just both of them are modern black and white film, but they are quite similar in the portrayal of More
Like  -  Dislike  -  Comment  -  000
Saint Pauly
CONTAINS SPOILERS5/10  4 years ago
Have you ever missed a train? A bus? A boat? Sure, you get on the next one that comes but the one that’s gone was way more fun. Yes, it was going in the same direction and ended at the same place, but the other one was a far more enjoyable ride. Do you know what that’s like? Because Frantz does. More
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