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Gangs of New York Poster

Gangs of New York

2h 48m
Drama, History, Crime
It's 1863. Amsterdam Vallon returns to the Five Points of America to seek vengeance against the psychotic gangland kingpin, Bill the Butcher, who murdered his father years earlier. With an eager pickpocket by his side and a whole new army, Vallon fights his way to seek vengeance on the Butcher and restore peace in the area.
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Leonardo DiCaprio
Amsterdam Vallon
Daniel DayLewis
William "Bill the Butcher" Cutting
Cameron Diaz
Jenny Everdeane
Jim Broadbent
William "Boss" Tweed
John C Reilly
Happy Jack Mulraney
Henry Thomas
Johnny Sirocco
Liam Neeson
"Priest" Vallon
Brendan Gleeson
Walter "Monk" McGinn
Gary Lewis
Eddie Marsan
Alec McCowen
Reverend Raleigh
David Hemmings
Mr. Schermerhorn
Cara Seymour
Hell-Cat Maggie
PeterHugo Daly
One-Armed Priest
Barbara Bouchet
Mrs. Schermerhorn
Michael Byrne
Horace Greeley
Brendan Dempsey
Provost Marshal Registrar
Nick Bartlett
Chichesters Leader
Rab Affleck
Plug Uglies Leader
Tim PigottSmith
Calvinist Minister
Sean Gilder
Rat Pit Game Master
Directed By: Martin Scorsese
Written By: Steven Zaillian (Screenplay), Kenneth Lonergan (Screenplay), + 2 more

Featured Comments/Tips

nmahoney416 says...
4 years ago
Daniel Day-Lewis really does steal the show. He is the reason you watch this movie. Leonardo DiCaprio is good too. There are some great fight scenes that are really brutal. The movie is too long though and can be boring at some parts. I wish I liked it more because the setting and atmosphere are really cool.
Like  -  Dislike  -  Comment  -  300
YaseminB says...
6 years ago
It was a good film. The storyline is predictable from the first 10 minutes and it's a very typical Scorsese film where Leo plays a very typical lead, although his acting is of course flawless. The development of unexpected relationships kind of define the word 'frenemy' in this. The main let down is on how long it is. I feel like not enough happens for the screen time to be as long as it is. That being said, I'm glad I've watched it and such an amazing part of history portrayed so simply, so raw.
Like  -  Dislike  -  Comment  -  300
DRNKMNKY says...
7 years ago
I still don't know for sure if I should like this Scorsese flick about the (more or less) real happenings in New York of 1863! What is sure, however, is that this flick is intriguing and brutal.
Like  -  Dislike  -  Comment  -  200
Draackje says...
11 years ago
The best thing about this movie is the atmosphere. It does a great job of taking you to New York 1863. I'm no history buff, so have no idea how accurate it is, but the setting is great and there are some truly great shots in this movie. Bill the Butcher is an exceptionally memorable character as the extreme patriotist, played very well by Day-Lewis. The rest of the cast is just ordinary. There are two reasons why I didn't like this movie. 1: there is only negativity; in the dark setting, the unlikeable 'hero', the motives of the characters (hate and fear), the fighting all the time, the sad ending, everything. 2: there is no character development, they all stay exactly the same throughout the entire film. It can be said that these two point were done intentionally by the director, to make people walk away with the sad, empty feeling that bad things will never change, but in my opinion it missed something to make me care about. Now I just shrugged my shoulders and moved on.
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