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Ghost Ship Poster

Ghost Ship

1h 31m
Horror, Mystery, Thriller
After discovering a passenger ship missing since 1962 floating adrift on the Bering Sea, salvagers claim the vessel as their own. Once they begin towing the ghost ship towards harbor, a series of bizarre occurrences happen and the group becomes trapped inside the ship, which they soon learn is inhabited by a demonic creature.
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Gabriel Byrne
Captain Sean Murphy
Julianna Margulies
Maureen Epps
Desmond Harrington
Jack Ferriman
Emily Browning
Katie Harwood
Jamie Giddens
Friendly Officer
Boris Brkic
Chief Steward
Adam Bieshaar
First Officer
Cameron Watt
Second Officer
Directed By: Steve Beck
Written By: John Pogue (Screenplay), Mark Hanlon (Screenplay)

Featured Comments/Tips

jarvis-8243417 says...
4 years ago
Ghost Ship is an exciting supernatural thriller that delivers some frightening chills. The story follows the crew of a salvage vessel that discovers a derelict passenger liner that went missing in 1962, however it turns out not to be as deserted as they thought when they start seeing the ghosts of dead passengers. Starring Julianna Margulies, Gabriel Byrne, Desmond Harrington, and Emily Browning, the film features a strong cast. And, the set designs and special effects are pretty good; creating a haunting and foreboding tone. The music too is used quite well, particularly during the action beats and the dramatic climax. Still, the plot can be rather formulaic and even a bit confusing at times. Yet despite its problems, Ghost Ship is a captivating horror film that’s full of mystery and intrigue.
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Genetai says...
5 years ago
Entertaining movie for what it is. Not good but not bad either. Definitely watchable.
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grumpyV says...
2 years ago
Never saw this until today. Not really a horror movie , not really scary, not even a physiological thriller but was a decent watch hard to believe this was rated R
Like  -  Dislike  -  Comment  -  100
Bradym03 says...
3 years ago
More like Sea No Evil. Anywhere... It's not quite the sinking ship that some people have made it out to be, as there were some interesting and entertaining aspects in the movie that made the overall experience watchable. I mean the flashback scene that shows the passengers on the ship and how they died was so over the top that I'm still amazed just thinking about it. Also it was a lovely surprise to see a young Emily Browning. However, the movie itself is filled with problems. The visual effects are outdated, some of the acting is a bit iffy, and I feel like the director who previously made 'Thir13en Ghosts' the year before, just made the same movie but this time it's on a ship. I find it really annoying how early 2000's horror movie, for whatever reason, has a heavy metal soundtrack to it. I'm glad that died out.
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Featured User Reviews

John Chard
5 years ago
Wetter than a fishes bathing costume.

It’s a pretty unadventurous title that matches the content of the film. Directed by Steve Beck and starring Gabriel Byrne, Desmond Harrington, Ron Eldard and Julianna Margulies, plot finds a salvage crew discovering a long lost passenger liner out in the re More
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5 years ago
I remember thinking this was good as a child... I was wrong.

_Final rating:★½: - Boring/disappointing. Avoid if possible._
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5 years ago
Ghostly happenings on a decades-lost lost ocean liner

RELEASED IN 2002 and directed by Steve Beck, "Ghost Ship" revolves around salvagers finding a mysterious ship in the Bering Sea that's been lost for four decades and they intend to claim it, but things go from strange to worse as they board t More
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3 years ago
Another second viewing flick, wasn't a big fan the first time and basically thought the same now. There are some fun cheesy moments here and there but kind of like Thirteen Ghosts (same director), has some interesting ideas that don't amount to much. Course, I'm also not much of a fan of supernatura More
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