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1h 40m
Comedy, Drama
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A retail billionaire's 60th birthday party is celebrated in an exclusive hotel on the Greek island of Mykonos.
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1h 40m
Comedy, Drama
A retail billionaire's 60th birthday party is celebrated in an exclusive hotel on the Greek island of Mykonos.
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Steve Coogan
Sir Richard McCreadie
Isla Fisher
Samantha McCreadie
Asa Butterfield
Finn McCreadie
Sophie Cookson
Lily McCreadie
Jamie Blackley
Young Richard McCreadie
Asim Chaudhry
Frank the Lion Tamer
Matt Bentley
Adrian McCreadie
Michel Alexandre Gonzalez
Retail Shopping Center Worker
Joe Tucker
Richard Attlee
Richard Betts
Bob the Banker

Featured Comments/Tips

faithful soul says...
3 years ago
The message is simple: Greed is bad. We know that already, of course, but the film shares the message well, contrasting the lives of the rich and greedy with the poorest in our world. The fact that the film is also very entertaining is a good thing - it keeps you watching and then pushes home the points it is trying to make.
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rubilior says...
one year ago
I love sarcastic movies. This wasn't one. At least not a funny one
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jarvis-8243417 says...
2 years ago
Steve Coogan stars in the dramatic satire Greed. The story follows fashion mogul Rich McCreedie as he prepares for his sixtieth birthday party. Unfortunately the script is rather poor, switching back and forth between various flashbacks, making it hard to tell where and when things are happening. It also does a really clumsy job at working in its anti-slave labor messages and allegories; causing further plot problems. Still, Coogan gives a good performance and makes all the comedic bits work, as does Isla Fisher for that matter. While some of the satire hits, Greed is a confused film that isn’t as clever as it thinks it is.
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Ntvjackson says...
2 years ago
This movie is not entertaining. It is like watching a documentary about a boring person. I turned it off early.
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Featured User Reviews

Stephen Campbell
3 years ago
**_A savage and hilarious satire_**

>_It hurts us to be paid so little. I have to do this and they sell one piece of clothing for more than I get paid in a month. We cannot eat nutritious food. We don't have a good life, we live in pain for the rest of our life and die in pain. Low wages is the m More
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Louisa Moore - Screen Zealots
3 years ago
“Greed” is overstuffed with so much social commentary that its bursting at the seams. The film tries to tackle too many hot topics, including the selfishness and sins of the mega-rich, the excesses of the fashion industry, the exploitation of mistreated factory workers, and the plight of impover More
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3 years ago
'Greed' is a so-so comedy; I wouldn't say it's worth your time unless you're a fan of some of the actors. The comedy is surface-level fine; no one is bombing, but no one is succeeding. The film does stumble with its handling of sweatshops and the fashion industry, and that's more than enough to give More
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one year ago
It is probably best just to assess this satirical comedy on a superficial level; otherwise the hypocrisy is overwhelming. Steve Coogan plays a self made gaziliionaire who is organising a no expense spared celebrity 60th birthday party for himself on Mykonos. In cahoots with his ex-wife Isla Fisher a More
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