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Heart of Stone

2h 4m
Action, Thriller
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Heart of Stone' Poster
An intelligence operative for a shadowy global peacekeeping agency races to stop a hacker from stealing its most valuable — and dangerous — weapon.
Heart of Stone Poster

Heart of Stone

2h 4m
Action, Thriller
An intelligence operative for a shadowy global peacekeeping agency races to stop a hacker from stealing its most valuable — and dangerous — weapon.
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Gal Gadot
Rachel Stone
Alia Bhatt
Keya Dhawan
Enzo Cilenti
Joe Reisig
Lars Monroe
Neran Persaud
Niam Kharche
BD Wong
King of Clubs
Glenn Close
King of Diamonds
Mark Ivanir
King of Spades
Directed By: Tom Harper
Written By: Greg Rucka (Screenplay), Allison Schroeder (Screenplay)

Featured Comments/Tips

durack says...
a month ago
Another failed attempt at creating a "Female" James Bond franchise. The story is good if you ignore the copy-pasting of plot devices from other movies. Gal Gadot is annoying and talentless. I fail to understand how this woman consistently shows up in A-list action movies. If this movie had another interesting A-list actress, I would have happily ignored the other shortcomings. For example, Rebecca Ferguson as the lead would have made this movie much much better. Thankfully, Alia Bhatt added some spice to this. Alia and Jamie Dornan pairing worked well for this movie. If you want a real, female-led, spy movie, watch the Bolywood movie **Raazi (2018)** instead. Alia Bhatt is the lead and it's based on a true story. :ok_hand_tone2:
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Jordyep says...
2 months ago
Is this what Hollywood calls progress? Are this and _Ghosted_ the type of movies out of touch executives refer to as genuine attempts for launching a female Bond/MI? This is so offensively soulless and generic, there’s not a single interesting call during the entire runtime. Why does it all need to be so shit, Netflix? This isn’t high art, it shouldn’t be this hard to get right. Just give me a real, female-led, fun action film, not this content crap that’s made for NPCs. 2/10
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hirkiti says...
a month ago
Terrible movie. The action scenes are absolutely ridiculous and awfully choreographed. Most fights drag on unrealistically with each participant having had the opportunity to put down their adversary multiple times. At one point Gal is running in a straight line in the flat wide open desert and she has three dudes shooting at her from 20 feet directly behind her with AKs and they miss! Ridiculous. They never even told the Asian actress who is supposed to be a top MI6 agent how to hold a gun... I'm always amazed at how this kind of sloppy amateurish stuff is possible when there are so many talented people available. Glad to see so many other commenters agree Gal can't act. She's not even pretty IMO.
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NancyLDraper@gmail.com says...
2 months ago
Gal Gadot at her most beautiful and best. I didn’t know what to expect but as the credits rolled I was smiling. It was loaded with the things I like in an action movie AND it had heart, plus it had a surprising twist at the beginning. Great cast. Unexpected cameo(s). Loved the international venues. I follow both Gal Gadot’s and Jamie Dorian’s work and I was far from disappointed. This really should have had a theatrical release before it was consigned to streaming because I’m sure it would have been spectacular on a big screen but my little 46” TV subbed in rather well. I give this film a high 8 (great fun) out of 10. [Action, Adventure, Drama, Thriller]
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Featured User Reviews

Manuel São Bento
a month ago
FULL SPOILER-FREE REVIEW @ https://insessionfilm.com/movie-review-heart-of-stone/

"Heart of Stone is a film of distinct halves. The first hour contains an intriguing narrative filled with surprising twists, fast pacing, and exciting stunts shot in real locations.

Unfortunately, the movie becom More
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a month ago
Heart of Stone, in spite of its big budget polish offers nothing new.

This is very much your standard, derivative, run of the mill, action fare with a Mission Impossible vibe and a female lead.

Its not bad, as such, its more that its all been done before and done with a little more imaginatio More
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