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1h 22m
Horror, Thriller
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A deaf woman is stalked by a psychotic killer in her secluded home.
Hush Poster


1h 22m
Horror, Thriller
A deaf woman is stalked by a psychotic killer in her secluded home.
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Directed By: Mike Flanagan

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Sopherian says...
5 years ago
"I haven't been so frustrated while watching a movie in ages... "
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faithful soul says...
6 years ago
"Mike Flanagan is an incredibly talented horror director but this film, whilst competently made, is (whisper it) boring and familiar."
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Jim222001 says...
6 years ago
"A deaf writer in a secluded area finds herself fighting for her life against a killer who likes to play head games with his victims. Hush is a well made edge of your seat thriller. Kate Siegel is excellent especially. The only weak thing about it is the killer. While he is perfectly played by John Gallagher Jr. as a real scum bag. We don't get much answers about him other then he is there and he is dangerous. Still, Hush is one of the best survival films you could watch. If you liked You're Next; you should definitely check out Hush."
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Marinka678 says...
5 years ago
Comment contains spoilers
"A real nail biter, edge of your seat survival thriller movie. Brilliant performance by Kate Siegel! [spoiler] I love how Maddie wasn't saved by anyone but herself. How much balls she had, truly badass and clever thinking. Though she had two earlier windows to kill her attacker, still, fierce, badass woman with true survival instincts kicking in. [/spoiler]"
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Featured User Reviews

CONTAINS SPOILERS 4/10   one year ago
This was missing something. [spoiler]I think it really could have benefited from more discovery somehow. Like if the killer wasn't just a random evil dude and he had an actual personal agenda against these people, which was slowly figured out throughout the movie. If they wanted to stick with ra More
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3 years ago
I thought it was nicely made especially the beginning and had a clever emphasis on sound. It wasn't the best written film ever but it did the job as a good, stupid horror film.

It was excruciatingly annoying in parts but I think that was the point.

It won't win any awards for acting or screenp More
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3 years ago
“For a thriller this is a very good choice”

It all starts with a story writer, she lives alone also she got meningitis long back and lost her speaking and hearing ability. She left her family which consists of a dad mom and a sister to live alone is solitary place with just one couple as a More
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3 years ago
**Inside and outside, a cat-mouse game!**

A limited cast film. One night event. The whole film was shot within the three weeks. Minimised dialogues, maximised actions. This film has such a good record those. But apart from the performances and settings, there's nothing special. The same old home- More
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