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Bo Burnham: Inside

1h 27m
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Bo Burnham Inside' Poster
Stuck in COVID-19 lockdown, US comedian and musician Bo Burnham attempts to stay sane and happy by writing, shooting and performing a one-man comedy special.
Bo Burnham Inside Poster

Bo Burnham: Inside

1h 27m
Stuck in COVID-19 lockdown, US comedian and musician Bo Burnham attempts to stay sane and happy by writing, shooting and performing a one-man comedy special.
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Directed By: Bo Burnham
Written By: Bo Burnham

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marguis says...
11 months ago
This is the _Apocalypse Now_ of humor specials, the slow descent into madness of a genius ... so desperate, so entertaining, so sad, so good.
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alexnader says...
12 months ago
Fucking hell, this guy is such an artist. His talent is unlimited, and that's kinda scary ... for him. I hope he stays strong. For his sake.
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stravaganza says...
11 months ago
That was like swallowing a brick (in the good sense). An indie movie masked as a comedy special masked as a compilation of bill wurtz youtube videos on crack. I'd seen people say it gets kind of intense around the hour mark, but I've been in a state of existential crisis for the past hour and a half. I'm not sure I'd have the strength to rewatch it anytime soon, but I loved every minute of it. Highly recommended!
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JC230 says...
12 months ago
It wouldn't be accurate to say I grew up alongside Bo Burnham. He's six years older than me. So I've gotten to see him grow, but he was always a step ahead on the road. Then suddenly, in this special, we're side by side, and I feel a horrifying catharsis at being in the same place as him. The thrill and terror of being seen. I want to run back inside and watch him on the outside, going through it with a wry joke. But we're all stuck in this. Stuck inside, and that inside is so much more than just a quarantine. Even though this is probably _the_ quarantine media, it's about everything too.The outside is inside, everything is inside, and yet we've never felt more distant despite going through the same thing. I was left undone. Devastated. Funny Feeling left me weeping. It's just an incredible piece of work that'll stick with me for a long time.
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Featured User Reviews

11 months ago
Surprising amount of race-based self-hatred, though I couldn't quite tell if it was being presented honestly. I guess you could say that about the bulk of *Inside* -- and much of the rest of Burnham's specials -- which clearly represents a certain allure.

Still, for this all happening in a single More
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10 months ago
This captures what it means to have gone through the covid pandemic. Whether it be the mental health consequences or the social media doom-scroll that has replaced the human interaction we once took for granted.
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CONTAINS SPOILERS6/10  12 months ago
First of all, this is not a comedy special in a sense of giving you the most amount of laughs, but neither were Carlin ones and that's fine.

But if we judge it as sociopolitical video essay, than it is nothing special (pun intended). It is too long, boring at times and almost has nothing real More
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