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Jason Bourne

2h 3m
Action, Thriller
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Jason Bourne' Poster
The most dangerous former operative of the CIA is drawn out of hiding to uncover hidden truths about his past.
Jason Bourne Poster

Jason Bourne

2h 3m
Action, Thriller
The most dangerous former operative of the CIA is drawn out of hiding to uncover hidden truths about his past.
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Jason Bourne
Alicia Vikander
Heather Lee
Tommy Lee Jones
Robert Dewey
Julia Stiles
Nicky Parsons
Riz Ahmed
Aaron Kalloor
Joe Kennard
Athens Bravo Agent
Ato Essandoh
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Director NI Edwin Russell
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Directed By: Paul Greengrass

Featured Comments/Tips

alecmev says...
6 years ago
Way to kill a franchise... I adore the first three Bournes. Legacy wasn't really a Bourne, but at least it was still decent writing and a fun watch. But this... this abomination should've never been made. Awful plot (boring awful, not ridiculous awful), unintelligent dialogues (I'd say below the average, even), generic action (zero impressive clever tricks on Jason's part), 30+ minutes of "watch us walk with intense music" sequences, and even more camera shake to disguise the lack of creativity. I'll go as far as to say that this is the biggest disappointment I have ever experienced from watching a movie. I mean, there were other films I've waited for and that turned out really sub-par, but, if a part of a franchise, they were never THIS different, and there were usually red flags going off before the release. Here, however, I've entered the theater with 9 years worth of hype, 100% sure that I'm in for a treat, and left with nothing but a poker face.
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CinemanicBonkers says...
6 years ago
It's good that Jason is back, I'm glad to know more of the story of his past, it was a good film, less action thought, and didn't live up to the first three, yes, the first three , that rubbish, Jeremy Renner one doesn't belong, don't get me wrong, he's a good actor, just doesn't fit for this franchise for me.. This film could of been better, if it was made after the, The Bourne Ultimatum.. but no Matt damon didn't want to make another till this year.. I give it a 6/10
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faithful soul says...
6 years ago
A crushing disappointment. 'The Bourne Legacy' threatened to destroy the.. erm... legacy of the series but scraped by because it wasn't really an official Bourne film. This film, however, has made a ridicule of the franchise. The story is both pointless and terribly written. The action is lacklustre. Matt Damon seems to go through the motions. Forget this film exists and rewatch the original trilogy. I can already hear Hollywood Execs planning a new trilogy though. Bourne Again - Jason Bourne is reborn in a reboot Bourne Free - Bourne is finally free from CIA shenanigans and lives peacefully on a dairy farm until a sniper takes out his cows. He is killed in the closing scene. Don't Mourn Bourne - He's not really dead. Then the prequel.. The Dawn of Bourne And then... Yawn, it's Bourne The End
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NotoriousX says...
6 years ago
If you can ignore the constant shaky-cam and the corny dialog (not that there is a lot of it), Jason Bourne is a somewhat entertaining action movie. I know most people either love or hate this movie, but to me, this is the ultimate in "entertaining-but-forgettable". It's not bad, but not especially good either. We did leave the movie theater feeling entertained, but the movie faded to oblivion before we got back home. We did, however, agree that we had to find time to rewatch the first three movies soon... If you liked the first movies, watch it. It is, after all, a new chapter in the story about Jason Bourne.
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Featured User Reviews

7/10  6 years ago
You know what? I don't care that this film is completely unnecessary. I don't care that the Great Question of this franchise was answered in _The Bourne Ultimatum_. I don't care that the socio-political commentary is obviously struggling for relevance outside of the Bush years. I don' More
Like  -  Dislike  -  Comment  -  700
6/10  6 years ago
After watching Jason Bourne in the cinema back in 2016, I called it “entertaining but forgettable” in my review, and that still stands. The story is not up to what we are used to, the shaky cam is back in full force, and it actually has pacing issues.

The acting is passable, and there's More
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6/10  6 years ago
Watching this move was exhausting for me and not because it so appealing or thrilling but because of the camera work. This camera doesn't stop moving for a second. I mean for real, it's moving the whole time even when 2 people are just talking. All of the shots are filmed in this 'dynami More
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CONTAINS SPOILERS7/10  6 months ago
Gotta admit: The main thing I remembered from this movie and the main reason to rewatch it is Alicia Vikander... :D She's just so fine looking (her face is a thing of beauty), badass, and Heather Lee is a cool character in general (only the ending sucked a bit). Anyway, enough simping :o :D

Some More
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