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Kaizoku Sentai Ten Gokaiger Poster

Kaizoku Sentai: Ten Gokaiger

1h 1m
Action, Science Fiction
Ten years have passed since the defeat of the Zangyack Empire, and the Gokaigers have seemingly disbanded and gone their separate ways. On Earth, “Super Sentai Derby Colosseum” has become the hottest gambling venue ever, with various Super Sentai battling each other for charitable causes. Suddenly, Captain Marvelous appears, issuing a challenge to the Colosseum’s administration and those who work for them... including Gai Ikari! Is it the Gokaigers or the people of Earth who have changed in the past ten years? And what of Joe, Luka, Doc, and Ahim? After ten years, an extraordinary battle is about to begin…
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Ryota Ozawa
Captain Marvelous / Gokai Red
Yuki Yamada
Joe Gibken / Gokai Blue
Mao Ichimichi
Luka Millfy / Gokai Yellow
Kazuki Shimizu
Don Dogoier / Gokai Green
Yui Koike
Ahim de Famille / Gokai Pink
Junya Ikeda
Gai Ikari / Gokai Silver
Tomokazu Seki
Narration, Ring Announcer, Gokaiger...
Kei Hosogai
Akio Mashikoda
Yukari Tamura
Navi (voice)
Kohei Shoji
Takamichi Crystalia
Jun Yamasaki
Minister of Defense
Tsuyoshi Matsubara
Hiroto Hattori / Badley
Rikako Sakata
Otorika Ayakoji / Rem
Metal Yoshida
Ayazu Horiuchi / Agdaros
Kaoruko Ishii
High Schooler
Rara Shimizu
High Schooler
Directed By: Shojiro Nakazawa
Written By: Naruhisa Arakawa

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