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Kamogawa Horumo Battle League in Kyoto Poster

Kamogawa Horumo: Battle League in Kyoto

1h 53m
Fantasy, Comedy, Science Fiction
The story is about a group of university students who inevitably gets involved in playing a game of "Horumo" - a combat match where each person manipulates 100 spirits (referred to as "oni") to fight the opponent. Akira Abe, a freshman at Kyoto University student falls for his classmate Kyoko, and soon ends up at a mysterious club called “Kyoto University Azure Dragon” which turns out to be one of the Horumo teams, playing the mysterious (and somewhat absurd) game which started over 1,000 years ago in the Heian period.The heat rises as you see the 2,000 CGI created spirits wage fierce battles against the backdrop of breathtaking beautiful city of Kyoto. Let the battle begin!
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Chiaki Kuriyama
Fumi Kusunoki
Gaku Hamada
Koichi Takamura
Sei Ashina
Kyoko Sawara
Takuya Ishida
Mitsuru Ashiya
Yoshiyoshi Arakawa
Makoto Sugawara
Shota Saito
Miyoshi (older brother)
Keita Saito
Miyoshi (younger brother)
Renji Ishibashi
bar manager
Megumi Sato
Mika Tachibana
Gota Watabe
Masato Wada
Taira Aomori
Tamiyasu Cho
Akamito Kakimoto
Eiko Otani
Tamami Hosokawa
Directed By: Katsuhide Motoki
Written By: Maruo Kyōzuka, Manabu Makime (Original Story)

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