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Kicking  Screaming Poster

Kicking & Screaming

1h 35m
Family, Comedy
Phil Weston has been unathletic his entire life. In college he failed at every sport that he tried out for. It looks like his 10-year old son, Sam, is following in his footsteps. But when Phil's hyper-competitive dad benches Sam, Phil decides to transfer his son to a new team which needs a coach. Phil steps in to be the temporary coach and immediately begins to butt heads with this dad over this new competition in their lives.
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Will Ferrell
Phil Weston
Robert Duvall
Buck Weston
Mike Ditka
Mike Ditka
Kate Walsh
Barbara Weston
Musetta Vander
Janice Weston
Josh Hutcherson
Bucky Weston
Elliott Cho
Byong Sun
Jim Turner
Jim Davidson 'The Captain'
Julia Campbell
Janet Davidson
Phill Lewis
John Ryan
David Bowe
Forest Avery
Matt Winston
Tom Hanna
Susan Barnes
Diana Ditka
Directed By: Jesse Dylan

Featured Comments/Tips

Robhunter85 says...
9 months ago
My 8 year old loves it.
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AdamMorgan says...
one year ago
I remember reading that when they finished the original Wayne's World that they ended up with a movie that was less than half of the length of a full-length movie. They had to go back and add in some gags just to get a regular run time. Normally this wouldn't seem to work but it worked spectacularly in that movie. In Kicking and Screaming you get a whole movie made up of site gags that are both amateurish and unfunny. Oh look, Ferell's character punched the steering wheel and the airbag deployed. Rinse, repeat. I was shocked that so many people had this movie in Ferrel's top five because it is easily the worst that I've seen. follow me at https://IHATEBadMovies.com or facebook IHATEBadMovies
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Featured User Reviews

Andre Gonzales
3 months ago
I swear Will Ferrell can make any movie, and it would be hilarious. He's coaching a little kids soccer team. Him and Mike Ditka are pretty funny together.
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