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Kung Fu Panda 2

Kung Fu Panda 2 (2011)

Full Cast & Crew

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Adam Milo Smalley
CrewSoundMusic Editor

Andy Nelson
CrewSoundSound Re-Recording Mixer

Charlie Kaufman
CrewWritingScript Consultant

Claire Williams

Clare Knight

Erik Aadahl
CrewSoundSupervising Sound Editor

Ethan van der Ryn
CrewSoundSupervising Sound Editor

Glenn Berger
CrewWritingScreenplay, Co-Producer

Hans Zimmer
CrewSoundOriginal Music Composer

Ian Thomas

James Bolt
CrewSoundSound Re-Recording Mixer

Jennifer Yuh Nelson

John Powell
CrewSoundOriginal Music Composer

Jonathan Aibel
CrewWritingScreenplay, Co-Producer

Maryann Brandon

Melissa Cobb

Josh LaBrot

Suzanne Buirgy

Jean-Francois Rey
CrewVisual EffectsAnimation

Steve Cunningham
CrewVisual EffectsAnimation

Kendra Vander Vliet

Raymond Zibach
CrewArtProduction Design

Alex Parkinson
CrewVisual EffectsVisual Effects Supervisor

Andrew Harkins
CrewVisual EffectsAnimation

Damon O'Beirne
CrewCameraHead of Layout, Cinematography

Angelina Jolie
CastActressTigress (voice)

April Hong
CastActressMop Bunny (voice)

Conrad Vernon
CastActorBoar (voice)

David Cross
CastActorCrane (voice)

Dennis Haysbert
CastActorMaster Storming Ox (voice)

Dustin Hoffman
CastActorShifu (voice)

Fred Tatasciore
CastActorPanda Dad / Gorilla Guard 2 (voice)

Gary Oldman
CastActorLord Shen (voice)

Jack Black
CastActorPo (voice)

Jackie Chan
CastActorMonkey (voice)

James Hong
CastActorMr. Ping (voice)

Jean-Claude Van Damme
CastActorMaster Croc (voice)

Lauren Tom
CastActressMarket Sheep (voice)

Lucy Liu
CastActressViper (voice)

Maury Sterling
CastActorWolf Soldier 3 (voice)

Michelle Yeoh
CastActressThe Soothsayer (voice)

Paul Mazursky
CastActorMusician Bunny (voice)

Romy Rosemont
CastActressPig Mother (voice)

Seth Rogen
CastActorMantis (voice)

Stephen Kearin
CastMusician Pig / Awesome Pig (voice)

Victor Garber
CastActorMaster Thundering Rhino (voice)

Alexandra Gold Jourden
CastActressBunny Fan (voice)

Dan O'Connor
CastStain Pig / Wolf Soldier 2 (voice)

Danny McBride
CastActorWolf Boss (voice)

Jason Bertsch
CastAntelope Driver (voice)

Jeremy Shipp
CastDumpling Bunny (voice)

Joseph Izzo
CastWolf Soldier 1 (voice)

Mike Bell
CastActorGorilla Guard 1 (voice)

Lena Golia
CastPig Fan / Bunny (voice)

Liam Knight
CastBaby Po (voice)

Michael DeMaio
CastHappy Bunny (voice)

Shane Glick
CastWolf Soldier 4 (voice)
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