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The Perfect Family Poster

The Perfect Family

1h 50m
Comedy, Drama
Lucía (Belén Rueda) is a woman for whom leading a model life and taking control of her life is the most important thing. Since she got married, she has focused all of her efforts on caring for her family, until achieving what for her is a perfect family. However, her entire world begins to collapse with the arrival of Sara (Carolina Yuste), the girlfriend of her son; a young girl with great freedom and without mincing words who has a very different family from what Lucia always dreamed of as a political family. Now, Lucia must accept that the perfect family was not exactly what she thought.
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Jess Vidal
Don Custodio
Lola Marceli
Bella Agossou
Peluquera Africana
Teresa Alts
Tía Boda
Teresa Grau
Chica Atlética
Pepe Ocio
Chef Miguel Angel
Alba Amat
Esposa Conductor
Miguel Ngu Phan
Dueño Hiper Asia
Claus Breitfeld
Hombre Elegante Brunch
Melquiades Fraga
Hombre Boina
Directed By: Arantxa Echevarria
Written By: Olatz Arroyo

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Xtarter says...
one year ago
Level "Mojón" • 3 :heart: • Unwatchable.
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the_dreameater says...
one year ago
so I love most of the cast, but this honestly felt like they were going to make a tv show and then that didn't pan out and they made a movie. the conducting wire kinda gets cut halfway through. the movie is starting as if we already knew the characters and where things were. the story is not bad, it's just oddly put together, with some jumps in time, almost no character backstory and a odd cut to the credits. fun to watch but not the best script.
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