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The Night of the 12th Poster

The Night of the 12th

1h 54m
Thriller, Crime, Mystery
Young and ambitious Captain Vivés has just been appointed group leader at the Grenoble Criminal Squad when Clara's murder case lands on his desk. Vivés and his team investigate Clara's complex life and relations, but what starts as a professional and methodical immersion into the victim's life soon turns into a haunting obsession.
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Directed By: Dominik Moll

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smallclone says...
2 weeks ago
Almost similar to a French 'Zodiac'. It focuses on the frustration of a team of detectives trying to solve the horrific murder of a young girl in France. The tension of the group boils over and the acting by the whole cast is extremely good. It's very well directed by Dominik Moll who made the excellent 'Only the Animals' in 2019, but sort of runs out of steam in the final act. 7.4/10
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Saint Pauly says...
11 months ago
Like a meeting that could've been an email. "It shows the underbelly of a police investigation and we get a glimpse inside the detective's head..." Are you kidding me!? That's what every freaking cop movie does now. For once I'd like to see the overbelly of an investigation and what happens outside of a detective's head. (Actually, it's possible if you watch a Korean noir film, which you should be doing instead of watching this made-for-movie TV show.)
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MoeAmante says...
5 months ago
Well-told, well-directed and well-paced realistic and immersive true crime movie but one wonders why an unresolved case was chosen. These kind of cases are perfect subjects for documentaries, and you could convey a similar message. Even though, the movie tells us from the beginning that this case is unresolved, the audience still feels disappointed in the end. For my taste, the movie was a little too much focused on the subplots outside of the case, which also were nice subplots - but again it did not fit that well to the genre. This brings us to the great weakness of the movie: it plays against audience expectations; disappoints most crime genre fans. It could be the greatest story but if you break basic rules and dont keep your promise for the genre, it will be an uphill battle. With a different case chosen, this had the potential for a great movie.
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miguelreina says...
5 months ago
[Filmin] It's clear from the beginning that Moll is not interested so much in the police investigation as in the construction of a stale atmosphere in which the violence surrounding the victim stands out, committed to a more denigrating judgement due to her actions, vilified for a sexism impregnated among the police officers who are investigating her brutal murder. A deep reflection on the sense of guilt and the condition of victims, in which the gradual disintegration of moral values becomes a kind of contagious disease that affects psychologically. A thriller that refuses to be a thriller.
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