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Last Stand of the 300 Poster

Last Stand of the 300

1h 30m
Documentary, History, War
This is the true and astounding saga of the Spartans at Thermopylae. It is among the greatest tales of war ever recounted. All the glory and grit of these warriors' last stand is captured in this exceptional documentary. It is almost impossible to understand how 300 Spartans managed to hold off the million-man Persian army for even a moment, much less seven days. To a man they paid with their lives but their stunning Last Stand assured that their sacrifice would resonate throughout history. Transporting dramatizations and incisive graphics put you in the heat of the battle and show the lay of the land. The complications and strategies of the conflict are revealed through careful analysis, and critical moments are reconstructed to show exactly what happened. Discover what the Spartans were fighting for, what made them capable of such heroics and what drove them to such sacrifice.
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Brian Danner
King Leonidas
Orion Barnes
Brian James
Tanya Donelly
Additional Narration
Douglas K Plamte
Additional Narration
Douglas K Stuart
Persian Advisor
Erin Beinenfeld
Leonidas' Mother
Phil Brown
Spartan Ephor
Leena Huff
Dieneces' Mother
Liam Jones
Leonidas, age 7
TJ Cencula
Spartan Drill Sargeant
Anton Burman
Dieneces, age 7
Gabe Pallo
Spartan, age 15
Nick Cornoch
Spartan Attacker
JB Gardnier
Athenian Rower
Joshua Bradley
Athenian Rower
Rusty Locke
Athenian Rower
Kristopher Blount
Persian Soldier
Nick Cernoch
Persian Soldier
Barton Cramer
Persian Soldier
John Fairbairn
Persian Soldier
Directed By: David Padrusch

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