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Le Havre Poster

Le Havre

1h 34m
Drama, Comedy
Marcel Marx, a former bohemian and struggling author, has given up his literary ambitions and relocated to the port city Le Havre. He leads a simple life based around his wife Arletty, his favourite bar and his not too profitable profession as a shoeshiner. As Arletty suddenly becomes seriously ill, Marcel's path crosses with an underage illegal immigrant from Africa, who needs Marcel's help to hide from the police.
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Marcel Marx
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Jrme Boyer
Border Police
JeanLuc GuionFirmin
Calais Refugee
Pierre Morineau
Container Park Night Guard
Johann Rioux
CRS Commander
Julien Flematti
Trigger-happy CRS Guard
Directed By: Aki Kaurismäki
Written By: Aki Kaurismäki

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smallclone says...
4 years ago
Pleasantly surprised by my first Aki Kaurismaki film. It's almost like a mashup of Kieslowski, Wenders, Fassbinder with a bit of Jean Pierre Jeunet and Jacques Demy chucked in. All of those influences are clear. The movie essentially explores compassion / morality, styled in 1970s but set in modern day. The currency is Euros, the conversation is immigration and Al Quaeda - but the set design is from a few decades ago. This is obviously deliberate - is it to play on Kaurismaki's exasperation on the lack of progress in recent times? Despite this, and the film having a few sombre subplots, it is very optimistic and explores the true value of community / love they neighbour ethic. Really impressed by Kaurismaki and can't wait to explore more of his movies to find out if they are as good as 'Le Havre'
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KannoSugako says...
5 years ago
A movie that will captivate non only your senses but your heart; with an incredible photography and fantastic score this heartwarming and compelling story portrays (in a very refreshing way) one of humanity's most present issues: immigration.
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ux21 says...
2 years ago
This is kind of a soft sequel to Kaurismäki's excellent 1992 movie *La Vie de Bohème*, revolving around the same main protagonist Marcel Marx, featuring the same brand of witty dialogue and human warmth emanating from all sorts of quirky characters. The subject and concern with the fate of refugees - which was also touched upon in *La Vie de Bohème* and would be at the core of his next and most recent Film, *The Other Side of Hope* - takes center stage here for the first time. *Le Havre* is another instance of must-watch Kaurismäki.
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Featured User Reviews

5 years ago
In the 2011 production LE HAVRE, the Finnish auteur Aki Kaurismäki steps away from his usual Helsinki setting for the first in what will be a trilogy of films in Western European port cities. Always rooting for the underdogs, Kaurismäki this time concentrates not just on the disenfranchised urban More
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