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Life Guidance Poster

Life Guidance

1h 41m
Science Fiction
The film is set in the near future, in a world of perfect capitalism. Society is sustained by a class of top achievers; meanwhile, so-called minimum recipients live under sedation in Fortresses of Sleep. The great majority of top achievers view themselves as happy. An outsourced agency has been established for the rest: Life Guidance is charged with turning these individuals into optimal people as well. Alexander has internalized the system but one wrong word to his child triggers Life Guidance. He starts to rebel and encounters the horror of the system in all its brightness and affability.
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Fritz Karl
Alexander Dworsky
Katharina Lorenz
Anna Dworsky
Nicolas Jarosch
Franz Dworky
Petra Morz
Iris Brauer
Kristina Bangert
Rainer Egger
Arno Frisch
Harter Kollege
Peter Knaack
Bester Freund
Florian Teichtmeister
Gregor Fainmann
Alexander Strobele
Hans Georg Croy
Udo Samel
Johann Adam Oest
Mann mit Pelzbezug
Directed By: Ruth Mader

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FLY_ says...
4 years ago
Comment containsspoilers
Looks like a classical overly formatted society. The main character seems to have done something necessiting to put him back on tracks. Though we never actually see what formats the society, just the results with boring people not talking and all identical. It's not really clear what he may have done wrong either. The aesthetics is pretty good. The progression is rather classic. The main character realizes that there's something wrong and starts wondering how the society really works, discovering some dark stuff. Interestingly, the Life Guidance agency seem to [spoiler]artfully push people to suicide to get rid of them[/spoiler] instead of trying to reformat them as you would expect. Nothing particularly original, but it's well done, worth the view.
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