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Madeas Witness Protection Poster

Madea's Witness Protection

1h 54m
Drama, Comedy, Crime
For years, mild-mannered Wall Street banker George Needleman has meandered through life oblivious to his family's dysfunction and his company's malfeasance, but he's forced to wake up when he learns that he's been framed in a mob-backed Ponzi scheme. Placed under federal protection, George and his family are shipped down South to Madea's house, where the no-nonsense matriarch whips them all into shape using her special brand of tough love.
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Tyler Perry
Madea / Joe / Brian
Eugene Levy
George Needleman
Denise Richards
Kate Needleman
John Amos
Pastor Nelson
Nelson Bonilla
Agent Mulligan
Frank Brennan
Jack Goldberg
Eaddy Mays
Agent Thomas
Shane Partlow
FBI Agent
Meg Gillentine
Flight Attendant
Dean Balkwill
Arin Logan
Bank Receptionist
Wanda Smith
Security Guard
Directed By: Tyler Perry
Written By: Tyler Perry (Screenplay)

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mrbigs says...
11 years ago
What do i need to do to watch a movie after singing in W
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mrbigs says...
11 years ago
Movie is not playing
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faithful soul says...
7 years ago
Tyler Perry is a pretty good actor... when he's not starring as Madea! Mrs Doubtfire he is not. The only reason I watched this film is because Eugene Levy is in it and he rises above the flat script, providing the comedy whilst 'star' of the film, Madea, flounces around with the comic timing of a lead balloon.
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