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User Comments for: Mercy

rmgebhardt says...
4 years ago
I gave this a go simply because after I finished Watchmen I wanted to dig into some of the other things James Wolk has been in and the description of this film seemed intriguing. As a thriller, the mood is right, and there is some interesting perspective shifting done at the midpoint of the film. but when it's all said and done I was left wondering why I should necessarily care about it all. There's an attempt at making villains seem like the heroes and vice versa, but I didn't feel like I ultimately cared about what happened to anyone. You sort of feel for the main character(s), but only because it's the perspective you're given at the outset framing them as protagonists. I don't know... maybe the point was that everyone is a bad person in some way and there's no real saving grace for any of us... sure... possibly? Or not...
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