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Metal Lords

1h 37m
Comedy, Drama, Music
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For teenage misfits Hunter and Kevin, the path to glory is clear: Devote themselves to metal. Win Battle of the Bands. And be worshipped like gods.
Metal Lords Poster

Metal Lords

1h 37m
Comedy, Drama, Music
For teenage misfits Hunter and Kevin, the path to glory is clear: Devote themselves to metal. Win Battle of the Bands. And be worshipped like gods.
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Jaeden Martell
Kevin Schlieb
Adrian Greensmith
Hunter Sylvester
Isis Hainsworth
Emily Spector
Noah Urrea
Clay Moss
Brett Gelman
Dr. Sylvester
Analesa Fisher
Kendall Sarn
Michelle Mao
Lisa Randall
Phelan Davis
Rocky 'Skip' Hoffman
Joe Manganiello
Dr. Troy Nix
Kieran Thomas
Mollycoddle Keyboardist
Jonathan Saks
Sufe Bradshaw
Dean Swanson
Jeff Steitzer
Janitor Eli
Rachel Pate
Ms. Johnson
Dre Slaman
Rehab Receptionist
Katie OGrady
Laurie Schleib
Sami YacobAndrus
Sophomore Girl
Liam Krug
Remote Kid
Paige Johnson Jones
School Librarian
Chuck Klosterman
Marching Band Leader
Joseph Bertt
Desk Officer
Parker Hall
Hesher in Training #2
Jason Rouse
Moss Security Guard
Scott Ian
Scott Ian
Directed By: Peter Sollett
Written By: D.B. Weiss (Screenplay)

Featured Comments/Tips

mariposuki says...
2 years ago
I sometimes give bad-ish movies 5 stars if there's at least a bit of entertainment to be had. But aside from some good music and a few moments here and there, this is a poorly executed series of clichés that feels far too long than it actually is. I like the actors and theme, but they just get buried under the weight of all the usual stereotypes. A shame, since I was really expecting to be charmed by this one.
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madstvwriter says...
2 years ago
Metal Lords' script misses the mark. Many of the characters stem from outdated high school stereotypes. The final arc feels rushed with the story stumbling onward quickly past important emotional beats.
Like  -  Dislike  -  Comment  -  200
Fr3d1 says...
2 years ago
Hidden under the harmless guise of a teen comedy, Metal Lords brings us a funny story about chasing our dreams, about young love and, above all, about heavy metal. Because there is love and respect for the genre in every scene and every choice of subject. Tom Morello's hand as producer can be appreciated. Of the leading trio, only Adrian Greensmith and Isis Hainsworth stand out, especially the latter. Her character, full of problems, manages to become three-dimensional thanks to her gestures, which are totally natural for an actress with so little experience. Metal Lords is fun, not just for music fans, but for anyone who wants to see a film without overly complex plots and without excessive over-the-top or violent scenes.
Like  -  Dislike  -  Comment  -  100
Defestated says...
2 years ago
As a metalhead I would have loved to enjoy this but as others have said very much feels like the standard sterotypical highschool douche to good guy movie but with metal as a way of reasoning it. Also it seemed in some areas like it was trying to say classic metal was good but newer metal like Slipknot was bad as they had none of it played and her reacting bad and I really hate that type of metal eliteism. The good, there was some good ish music and joe manganiello is always a plus but with the forced romance, over egging on swearing and sterotypes it fell short for me.
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Featured User Reviews

8/10  2 years ago
I was surprised by this movie. I've read some negative stuff on how the characters are stereotypical high schoolers, and the music is good but too focused on old-school metal, and the character arcs are too obvious. Let's respond to these.

Stereotypes often exist because they are real to some More
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