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Mxico Brbaro II Poster

México Bárbaro II

1h 58m
9 Mexican directors come together to narrate traditions and more brutal, ruthless and bizarre legends of our country. Mexico Barbaro shows the world stories that are part of our popular culture, from sweet stories told by our grandmothers, the tooth fairy, witchcraft, the story behind the weeping woman, sexy Devil' servers, a pagan hero, the burnt woman, up to ancestral culinary bloody rites. Traditions and legends that today continue to cause terror among Mexican people. Included shorts: **Paidós Phobos** (Paidos Phobos) **Potzonalli** (Potzonalli) **Bolas De Fuego** (Fireballs) **Exodoncia** (Exodontia) **Vitriol** (Vitriol) **Dirección** **La Leyenda de Juan Soldado** (Juan the Soldier) "No Te Duermas" (Do not sleep) **Ya Es Hora** (It's About time).
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Francisco Barreiro
(segment "Exodoncia")
Laura de Ita
Dolores (segment "Potzonalli")
Dana Karvelas
(segment "Exodoncia")
Fermn Martnez
Marcelo (segment "Potzonalli")
Hoze Melndez
Brayan (segment "Potzonalli")
Florencia Ros
(segment "Exodoncia")
Humberto Busto
Rapist (segment "Paidós Phobos")
Adriana Marroqun
Brittany (segment "Potzonalli")
Gabo Anguiano
Brandon (segment "Potzonalli")
Aline Marrero
Bar Girl (segment "Paidós Phobos")
Martha Claudia Moreno
Diner (segment "Potzonalli")
Emilio Guerrero
Diner (segment "Potzonalli")
Lex Ortega
Father (segment "Potzonalli")
Abigail Bonilla
Diner (segment "Potzonalli")
Antonio Urdapilleta
Diner (segment "Potzonalli")
Yeray Albelda
Patricio (segment "La leyenda de Ju...
Giancarlo Ruiz
General Contreras (segment "La leye...
Pilar Fernandez
María (segment "Paidós Phobos")
Uri Meza
Juan Castillo (segment "La leyenda ...
Natalia Gonzlez
Daughter of María (segment "Paidó...

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