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Mighty Flash

1h 35m
Isa uses a tape recorder to record messages to herself and then reads them out. She is hoping for change to come, which isn’t surprising. She lives in a small community in southwest Spain where nothing ever happens. All the young people have left. For those who stay behind, time seems to stand still.
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Directed By: Ainhoa Rodríguez
Written By: Ainhoa Rodríguez

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miguelreina says...
3 years ago
[IFFR] A strange film, sometimes as static as life in that uninhabited town. Images that remain: the story of that deep fear upon the arrival of the father, that "Buñuelian" snack. Never have sweets with honey caused such ecstasy. Masculinity resists disappearance, sexism remains a stronghold of the past in the present. The fear of the supernatural is sometimes less profound than the fear of the real.
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