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2h 8m
History, Drama
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The true story of Harvey Milk, the first openly gay man ever elected to public office. In San Francisco in the late 1970s, Harvey Milk becomes an activist for gay rights and inspires others to join him in his fight for equal rights that should be available to all Americans.
Milk Poster


2h 8m
History, Drama
The true story of Harvey Milk, the first openly gay man ever elected to public office. In San Francisco in the late 1970s, Harvey Milk becomes an activist for gay rights and inspires others to join him in his fight for equal rights that should be available to all Americans.
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Sean Penn
Harvey Milk
Emile Hirsch
Cleve Jones
Josh Brolin
Dan White
Diego Luna
Jack Lira
James Franco
Scott Smith
Alison Pill
Anne Kronenberg
Victor Garber
Mayor Moscone
Denis OHare
John Briggs
Joseph Cross
Dick Pabich
Stephen Spinella
Rick Stokes
Boyd Holbrook
Denton Smith
Lucas Grabeel
Danny Nicoletta
Jeff Koons
Art Agnos
Brent Corrigan
Telephone Tree #3
Dave Franco
Telephone Tree #5
Elias McConnell
Telephone Tree #8
Ashlee Temple
Dianne Feinstein
Brandon Boyce
Jim Rivaldo
Kelvin Yu
Michael Wong
Cleve Jones
Don Amador
Dustin Lance Black
Castro Clone
Tim Halpin
SFPD Motor Cop
Written By: Dustin Lance Black

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2016moonlight says...
4 years ago
Pride Month 1 film a day challenge: #8 Oh what a beautiful film, and what a beautiful man Harvey Milk was. I feel so grateful to him that I can walk the streets this pride month, alongside my fellow lgbt+ peers feeling happy, instead of scared. There's a long way to go still, but Harvey was the start of a movement that has allowed me to have my civil rights be protected and respected, regardless of who I choose to be with. I wish he could see how far we've come! Happy Pride ♡:flag_white::rainbow: 9/10
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Anonymousse says...
3 months ago
This was such a sad ending to what seemed like a very committed and genuine politicians life.
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AdamMorgan says...
5 years ago
There's always a danger in watching a film that is based on historical events. While some of the events can't be debated the viewer is still given dialog that never happened and often events that never happend. Or worse, JFK (dialog and events that never happened). Since this story was 30 years old and much of it was caught on video the events and the people can not be denied. I don't know that I can think of a more beautiful story than a group that was being denied its civil liberties by the Christian right to stand up and fight for what they are owed by our constitution. I would absolutely put Milk on the same level as someone like Martin Luther King. It is hard to believe but it was only 30 years ago that someone could lose their job just for being gay. Sadly this kind of stuff still goes on today in the name of "family values" and the "moral majority". In reality it is bigotry. The movie was very well done with the second half being much more riveting than the first half. The movie is made by the unbelievable performance of Sean Penn.
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randomacd4 says...
6 years ago
It may be a little Oscar baity but Milk should be essential viewing. Sean Penn gives another incredible performance and shows that he's one of the best performers in the last 30 years. The film itself is so inspirational. The narrative isn't basic but its not necessarily revolutionary either. James Franco and Josh Brolin are good in support and I suggest that you should go in blind if you don't have any prior knowledge about Harvey Milk.
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Featured User Reviews

The Movie Diorama
3 years ago
Milk shakes its nutrient-rich substance to produce a delectably important biopic. No fat free milk. No semi-skimmed froth encrusting the top layer. Lactose is included. Just whole Harvey Milk dairy, freshly pasteurised by superlative direction and sharp writing. Much like fine wine, Milk tastes exqu More
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8/10  3 years ago
A very straightforward, by-the-books biopic of Harvey Milk, San Francisco city supervisor and gay rights martyr. Political biographies are tough in that they always seem to have a clear agenda, and even though I happen to agree wholeheartedly with the message behind this one, it's still a very o More
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4 months ago
A brilliantly informed piece of history. I learnt more than I thought I would and enjoyed it even more. Enjoyed probably isn’t the word as it’s a disgrace that any of this had to happen but overall it’s an empowering film of right over wrong.

I feel slightly more informed about LGBT histor More
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