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User Comments for: Mission Majnu

Vicky_buddy says...
2 months ago
Movie is full of implausible things that make no sense. Pak law enforcement is shown to take one wrong step after another. Even a 10 year old would ask "now why would they do that?" after every such incident. [spoiler] 1) They capture two people sneaking around at walking distance from their super secret nuclear facility, and they let them go. 2) They know someone knocked out a guy to board the train under false ID. He has a shootout with the cops / military. And the train is still allowed to cross border. 3) Once they know there are raw agents in the country, instead of trying to capture them, everyone is ordered to be killed. 4) At the airport too, instead of capturing, he is killed. [/spoiler]

Hell, even songs in the movie are factually wrong. One song says "Only Indians call their country mother". FFS!! Every single person in the world calls their country motherland or fatherland.

Don't waste your time.
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Reply by sarwarhbk
2 months ago
@vicky_buddy cmon bro keep an open mind. It's Bollywood every thing is possible. You are lucky they didn't show something like he stopped Pakistani Prime minister pressing the button just a second before experiment.<br /> Also they didn't show that the hero ran from airport killing 20 soldiers ( i was expecting that )
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Salman7236 says...
a month ago
ayo babe new bollywood propaganda just dropped
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