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Mr Motos Gamble Poster

Mr. Moto's Gamble

1h 12m
Mystery, Thriller, Crime, Action
Celebrated as supersleuth, Mr. Moto comes out fighting when a brutal boxing match turns into cold-blooded murder! Assisted by detective-in-training Lee Chan, Moto sets out to track down the killer based on a single ominous clue: a poisoned boxing glove! But when Moto's hunch points to a corrupt gambling syndicate, he's forced to wager his very life to unmask the culprit—or go down for the count...permanently!
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Peter Lorre
Kentaro Moto
Keye Luke
Lee Chan
Dick Baldwin
Bill Steele
Lynn Bari
Penny Kendall
Douglas Fowley
Nick Crowder
Jayne Regan
Linda Benton
Harold Huber
Lieutenant Riggs
Maxie Rosenbloom
Horace 'Knock-Out' Wellington
John Hamilton
Philip Benton
George E Stone
Jerry Connors
Bernard Nedell
Clipper McCoy
Charles Williams
Gabby Marden
Ward Bond
Biff Moran
Cliff Clark
Tom McGuire
Eddie Marr
Sammy (as Edward Marr)
Irving Bacon
Sheriff Tuttle
Don Brodie
Ticket Seller
Pierre Watkin
District Attorney (as Pierre Watkin...
Directed By: James Tinling

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2 years ago
Certainly, there is something of the Charlie Chan about this engaging little mystery. Peter Lorre (complete with his studious-looking round spectacles) is the eponymous detective required to investigate the poisoning of an heavyweight boxer - mid fight. There are no absence of suspects - so "Mr. Mot More
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