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Munich: The Edge of War

2h 9m
Drama, History
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Munich The Edge of War' Poster
At the tense 1938 Munich Conference, former friends who now work for opposing governments become reluctant spies racing to expose a Nazi secret.
Munich The Edge of War Poster

Munich: The Edge of War

2h 9m
Drama, History
At the tense 1938 Munich Conference, former friends who now work for opposing governments become reluctant spies racing to expose a Nazi secret.
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George MacKay
Hugh Legat
Jannis Niewhner
Paul von Hartman
Jeremy Irons
Neville Chamberlain
August Diehl
Franz Sauer
Sandra Hller
Helen Winter
Alex Jennings
Sir Horace Wilson
Ulrich Matthes
Adolf Hitler
Abigail Cruttenden
Anne Chamberlain
Nicholas Farrell
Sir Alexander Cadogan
Martin Kiefer
Heinrich Himmler
Mark Lewis Jones
Sir Osmund Cleverly
Anjli Mohindra
Joan Menzies
PaulErnest Flanagan
Foreman Frank Wright
Nick Wymer
Maitre D'
Raphael Sowole
Cecil Syers
Ludwig Simon
Café Man Jakob
Nellie Thalbach
Café Woman Charlotte
Hannes Wegener
Captain Eric Kordt
Aidan Hennessey
Arthur Legat
Rainer Sellien
Hans Oster
Helen Clyro
Miss Watson
Nicholas Shaw
Parliamentary Aide James Berwick
Directed By: Christian Schwochow
Written By: Robert Harris (Novel), Ben Power (Screenplay)

Featured Comments/Tips

Lee Brown Barrow says...
2 years ago
Despite knowing the resolution, I felt this was a tense and gripping movie. The scenes with Hitler were suitably chilling.
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Götterdämmerung says...
one year ago
The Ninth Day... Inglourious Basterds... Allied... and now this one. Damn if there's an uniformed nazi in a movie you bet your ass August Diehl will be playing him.
Like  -  Dislike  -  Comment  -  100
tgrbabydoll says...
one year ago
Well, it's fiction, historical fiction, aka based on historical facts but plays loosely with it. Is it possible two friends had information that helped turn the war? Another comment said the story was improbable, except in the 1920s students were all wealthy, so a wealthy German spends a couple years at Oxford? Very possible. Made friends with a Brit? Also very probable. Both wealthy enough to be close to the power base but still too young to be directly in it? Very probable too. Each having access to information or persons to tilt the war? Maybe, maybe not. So it's an interesting story, good script, really good cinematography. One comment compared it to James Bond movies. Perhaps she might need a lesson in who Sir Ian Fleming was during WWII and following Might need to read the books rather than just watch the movies. This stayed more true to a spy novel than some of the movies of the genre have. I would've said 7.5. Rotten tomatoes says 8.6 (86%) at this time. So I rounded up.
Like  -  Dislike  -  Comment  -  100
SpeedDemon says...
2 years ago
Good movie, although it obviously had to bend reality a bit to make the story work. For example Hitler made them sit in their hotel room till 3am so they would be exhausted and tired before meeting them - he didn't have an afternoon meeting. Otherwise it's good and worth watching. 7.5/10
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Featured User Reviews

2 years ago
Full Analysis at Spotamovie.com **- Intro -** The lovers of negotiations, conspirators and historical dramas will enjoy the movie. The story focuses on the 1938 Munich Agreement. However, the director embraces the fictional way more than the historical one, and the film becomes an enjoyable drama en More
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8/10  2 years ago
Harris writes historical fiction. He puts a fictional story inside a historical event. I just mentioned that because I've read some comments saying they don't believe something like this happened. It's not based on anything that happened it's him toying with an idea.

I am a huge fan of Robert Har More
Like  -  Dislike  -  Comment  -  001
2 years ago
It’s a bright looking setting for such a dark time in history in Munich: The Edge of war - Everything looks colourful and stylish.

Nevertheless Schwochow keeps the tension up right from the beginning. It’s a classic case of the audience knowing more than the characters. Helping with the tens More
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