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2h 11m
Drama, Comedy
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An unemployed Brit vents his rage on unsuspecting strangers as he embarks on a nocturnal London odyssey.
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2h 11m
Drama, Comedy
An unemployed Brit vents his rage on unsuspecting strangers as he embarks on a nocturnal London odyssey.
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Lesley Sharp
Louise Clancy
Greg Cruttwell
Deborah Maclaren
Woman in Window
Gina McKee
Cafe girl
Darren Tunstall
Poster Man
Robert Putt
Angela Curran
Car Owner/Sandra
Peter Whitman
Mr Halpern
Jo Abercrombie
Woman in Street
Elaine Britten
Girl in Porsche with Jeremy/Sebasti...
David Foxxe
Tea Bar Owner
Mike Avenall
Man at Tea Bar #1
Toby Jones
Man at Tea Bar #2
Sandra Voe
Bag Lady
Directed By: Mike Leigh
Written By: Mike Leigh

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Bradym03 says...
3 years ago
"I used to be a werewolf, but I'm all right no-OOWWWWWWWWWW!". Imagine 'A Clockwork Orange', but if Mike Leigh directed it. David Thewlis performance as Johnny is absolutely mind blowing and pure genius. One of the all time best. A despicable, yet care-free man that uses his intelligence to distracts you from how rotten he truly is. 'Naked' doesn't shy away from presenting it's razor-sharp commentary on assault and rape, but will be hard for some to stomach. The script is fantastic with two stellar performances from Lesley Sharp and Katrin Cartlidge, and Leigh finest work.
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smallclone says...
4 years ago
Witty, cutting, sarcastic dialogue. Sleazy characters. David Thewlis is as great as ever. Mike Leigh shows how the world is full of lonely, desperate people. I enjoyed seeing Johnny's interaction with different members of society. It felt like a Todd Solondz / Jim Jarmusch mash up in that respect. But it also delves deeper into the dark side of society and male / female relations. Whether you like the characters or not, it's very interesting film-making.
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peteo says...
11 months ago
Good enough if you like retro character driven movies, driven by witty scripts, depicting the 90s from two extremes (the desperate homeless guy with a range of social issues, and the banker who looks to have modelled half his personality from reruns of American Psycho) interacting in post Thatcherite London. But I imagine that for anyone born post 1990, this will all be a bit meaningless....
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Featured User Reviews

7/10  4 years ago
One of the best Mike Leigh movies I've seen. Great dialogue and characters. The story follows Johnny who is socially isolated, and sort of living in despair. Out of the two main male characters Johnny is more misantropic where as Jeremy is more filled with a sadistic hatred. Exellent portrayal o More
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4 years ago
Mike Leigh's 1993 film NAKED is a drama on sexual relations -- how men hurt women, how some women accept that hurt out of low self-esteem and a desire to be wanted or supported. It is distinguished by its remarkably lifelike characters. Most of the film was worked out in improvisations for several m More
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